It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


22. Cookies and a kiss !

Harry's Pov

after Niall stopped blushing he walked calmly towards the door and straight over to Vicky and Lux , the two girls where flicking through a cook book when Lux pointed at a picture Niall and Vicky looked at it and agreed together (Niall Vicky and Lux ) where going to make chocolate chip cookies together. Vicky sat Niall and Lux at the small breakfast bar and told them to read out ingrediants whilst she went through the cupboards this continued as i stood in the door way , Vicky noticed me and flungh a bright pink apron and Niall and gave me a small encouraging smile i just walked over thanked her and then said i was going to find Louis , as i left i heard Nialls brilliant Laugh rip through the house . 


Niall's Pov 

She was making me wear a bright pink apron she just pulled me up from my stool and did the apron up , i laughed as she tickled my side and then she walked back over to Lux and held out her arms picked her up and sat her next to the pink scales . As the two girls weighed out the ingrediants i read them out , they chuckled together i heared the door bell go but worriedly thinking it was fans i walked over to where vicky was and told her to go to the door in which she laughed at me but said of course it was only Jack who walked into the kitchen he shock my hand and said he was going to rest for a bit because training started soon vicky smilied in agreement nd then walked over to me and helped me and lux ix together the ingrediants , throughout the whole process Lux laughed and vicky smiled as i watched two beautiful angles bake some of my favorite treats. Lux started to go a little bit groaky and whiney so i took her up the stairs and put her in my bed as Lou was asleep in the room and i didnt want to disturb her so Lux was surrounded in mine and Louis Pilliows she was wrapped up in the duvet and she sooon fell asleep , as i walked back into the kitchen i heard a i won i won come from the main living room it was louis i guess he won fifa againbut i continued my journey to find Vicky Loading the dish washer and starting the timer. 


After half an hour the cookies where ready i got them out of the oven and served them on to a plate Vicky wriggled in her chair stood up and hugged me all the boys came into the kitchen just as i went to kiss her  check i pulled away and just winked at my four best wing men , i knew they wouldn't mention anything . they walked dtraight to the cookies and took one each the Lou came in hugged harry and took his cookie .


i have to admit those cookies where brilliant , vicky soon approched me 

'Niall i am going to the local shop can your grab a list of things you boys will need for two days please ?'

'hey of course can i text it to you ?'

'yes oh and lux is just awake she is sat with Jack in his room , he couldn't leave her screaming so he just picked her up '

'brilliant thank you vicky' 

i hugged her and she kissed my check and said ' your welcome Niall'


after ten minuets of list collecting Vicky left ...


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