It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


8. And so it Begins

Pauls pov

‘now i would like it if everyone of you would roll up your windows and yes Harold that does included you’ i heard the others slightly chuckle but all did as they were told , as we parked around the back of the grand hall we couldn’t see or hear any fans we couldn’t feel the excited vibe , so zayn grabed lux in the chest holder and niall strapped him all up whilst the boys huddled out and circled around Lou , i camanded quietly run to the green lighted door over ther___

Liam’s pov

As we turned to look at the door we heared it open , so we huddled silghlently but all secretly looked at what was happening ,

*nuk , * the door was closed

‘sniffle sniffle ’ oh no she was crying , it was the only person around and she had came out of the award ceremony we could only imagine what had happened to her , so i secretly texted the boys(and lou)  well all except harry as his phone was urm i guess you could ssay crushed under the tour bus earlier this morning.


Zayn , Niall , Louis ,Lou ,Paul,Sam,Josh

*hey right i have a plan we need to do this i have full faith it will be alright , i need
sam , zayn , lux  , lou , niall and harry (sam drag him ) to go inside , and find the dressing room sending Niall right back to the door he will give us the directions , Me , Paul and Louis will go and get the girl , i am doing this so she isn’t scared. GO ! *

Everyones phone buzzed and lux grinned excitedly , they all did as i had said and harry just followed the crowd !

Paul Louis and i looked at each other , i began to stride over there noticing she was sat down on the floor and her wrist was a little bit twisted but she didn’t seem to care she just cried and sniffled oh Jack why again ! 

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