It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


46. Alikeness

Niall's Pov

i wrapped the small dressing gown around her shoulders and she wipped her make up away , she threw sweats at me so i put them on and we snuggled on the bed , her dressing gown wasn't tied up and her underwear just matched her perfectley, her skin so smooth , she scrolled through her tweets as i watched the recent football game hundreds of mine and her first apperance photo was all over twitter the paps werent half quick at uploading ''important info'' on twitter it was a beautiful photo of us two together and soon it became vickys profile picture on both facebook and twitter she emailed it to Jack and her parents as the football game finnished on came the news headlining celebritiy news was Niall Horan and beautifful Girlfriend Vicky ? the tv showed pictures and films of us two together once our clip had finnished vicky turned her phone off grabbed the remote and turned the tv off , she pulled herself up against my body it felt so warm her lips crushed against mine a slight moan or wishpere came out : ' first base' then soon a second murmer ' second base' , but she pulled away and said ' thats the furthest we go now Niall' ' i agree princess not until later on in our relationship' she just pulled back in and we kept on kissing i began to moan and so did she the boy next door ( Zayn) knocked and questioned what we were doing but soon he left and we carried on it was almost 4 am in the morning and we had two interviews to go to and a sound rehersal in oxford somewhere so as she began to slow down i kissed her one last time flicked on the vow and snuggled her until we slept. ( the vow one of our favorite romantic movies) 


at 6 am liam came in our room to wake us up two hours sleep and we were just "wide awake" , we joke me and Vicky looked like zoombies she choose my tour bus out fit and she dressed her self she looked beautiful her and Lou were going out in oxford in about 3 hours so she dressed for oxford : in blue ripped skinny jeans black chunky heels a salmon pink blazer and a black tank top with a cross built of studs on it , she looked stunning her make up was applied and her face was almost wide awake again whilst we sat on the tour bus and lou did our hair vicky talked through our outfits , and thne her and lous plans for oxford .... yet again shopping and i am so lucky her job pays so well or else i dont think i would be able to cover mine her and mums shopping alone haha but it sounded like a nice plan and they were going to meet us for dinner at nando's why ? well vicky loved it in there so the girls booked the table for 4pm , the girls left  with Lux and boom as soon as they turned into the main oxford street road they were surrounded by fans all asking about well me and the other boys vicky soon rang : ' babe we have been mobed twice we are in hidding as such well the closed down the shopping centre for us so right now clothes shopping lavayou <3'

Vicky's Pov 

i brought quite a bit today :

every woman has a little black dress.
zip-up boots

victoria secret sweat pants

three vaans : daisy print navy and red

one cream pair of toms

four high top trainers

one pair of doc martins 

seven pairs of all stars :

Ct lite ox

All star ox low

ceetha prints 

knee highs 

bat man ones 

wonder women ones 

and a few others 

Niall was gonna go crazy because my closet on the tour bus was nearly full and his really wasnt so i guessed shoes in Niall's closet and the ret squished in mine. hehe anyway me and Lou and little baby lux had a great time because both me and lou spoilt her to death new dresses head bands dummys nappies pram toys fancy dress costumes socks (all star socks and shoes hehe but it wouldnt all fit in the back of the car we had rented out so urm paul got a taxi to take half of it back to the ritz where niall would collect it later bless now for a meal at what i call NADO'S or what jack calls VICKY'S SECOND HOME ..... 


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