It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


56. 3months later

Vickys Pov 

Its been almost 3 months with Niall 3 months tommorrow ! I best fill you all in ... Well Harry - is still single , Louis and El are going strong , Liam its patchy and Zayn he is single ( or so i know ) . 

These three months have been brilliant Louis has one week with us left . I'm sure going to miss him . But we all deserve our own space.

Mum and Dad are coming home for three weeks for visa's etc (they are staying over there). Their house has been sold and all of their stuff in Jacks flat . For three weeks this is where they will be staying (smaller than their old house but still large for a flat)

Niall and I have been going so well . He is my match I love him so much . Sometime it can be hard when juggling work with seeing him but the worst thing is some of the tweets that come through but other than that i can't complain.

Finally - Louis has pranked me we got drunk and i got a tattoo - on my right hip "To Infinity and beyond " it was written in black in . I don't regret it , i regret the reason i had it - Literally because Louis said - Niall's taken you 'beyond pleasure level  infinity i heard' Oops. 


Monday morning - 

I rolled over in bed and straight into Niall's open arms as i inhaled the musty Niall smell he mumbled into my neck -"Don't leave me now" I kissed his chest and drew circles over his stomach.After about  15 minuets we really did have to get up my parents would be landing in 2 hours (we had the day off work),

I kissed his chest and wiggled out from his arms and shuffled into the bathroom.As i got into the bath i noticed a spider staring at me from my shampoo bottle - Oh no. 


"Vicky i will be there in a second"

He walked into the bathroom removed the spider and placed it on the window ledge and closed the window.A small grin slipped over his morning face and *Splash* He was in my now half empty bath.We sat and filled it up and he washed my hair as i stepd out he swooped me up into his arms and carried me back into the bedroom. 

I was led on the bed and Niall got ontop of me - passonatly we kissed but time was runing out so as i tuged at his soaking boxers :

"Baby we don't have anytime ... lets contiue this later"

so he picked me up and i walked into the closet ....

Once in matching underwear i pulled on navy skinny jeans a light brown sparkly top , blazer and a nude pair of heels. I grabbed my nude coloured bag from the cupboard and applied my neutral make up. Once i was done i let Niall in and went to wake Louis. 

I creeped through the living room and grabbed the neurf gun from the table opened his door and 

*pop* shot him in the but "Louis wakey wakey pudding"


"Now i need the flat cleared up my parents will be at the airport in an hour please" 


"Here i come"

I ran up to his bed stripped the sheets and threw them to the floor . As he shivered i left and we soon heard him fumbling around. 

As soon as he begun to tidy myself and Niall left for the airport as we arrived - screaming girls approached (this is why we always have to leave the house dressed fairly well) 



It was only 12 and the plane would be landing anytime soon so we pushed through and wen't inside.


I turned around to see an extreme brown set of parents i ran up to them and hugged them so tight.

Mum Dad : This is Niall - my boyfriend - you know its very crowed with girls outside due to who he is 

"and who you are vik" said Niall

We collected the pink cases and dragged them through the exit and as paul guided us through the crowds i clutched my mothers hand and guided her to the new car : A black Jaguar XKR Slightly shocked at the luxury ride they slid into the black seats and Niall into the passenger seat . 

We walked into our penthouse and well mum and dad just stared as we toured them around. Thats when Louis came out of my room with a  box full of 'toys' my parents stared at the label - 'toys'. 

"Do you remember Lux ? They are hers" I said whilst Niall walked away with Louis blushing like a tomato . 

"Yes Niall just had to check up on Louis he didn't feel to great earlier today"

Why did i leave that box lying around for Louis to find damn it . 

The tour finnished and we sat down ordering lunch . Whilst waiting for the order Louis entertained my parents so i could talke with Niall .

"Niall , i am so nervous about them being here for three weeks"


"Because well we are so affectionate passonate all over the house randomly kissing or holding each other but "

"But not in front of your parents?"


"Can i invite Granny Shelly , my parents and Gregs little clan for Friday night?"

"Urm Friday , Friday . Yes i think we are free and i know if you weren't i am "

"Brilliant ! Thank you I love you"


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