It's Changed Now ,

This is a story about A girl with a brother in the army and parents moving abroad when she bumps into her favorite boy band everything changes and not always for the better ...


14. 15 minuets niall

Vicky's pov

‘So Guys whats your plan for your day off ?’ i asked

‘im going to bed’ said harry

‘fifaaa’ cheered Louis liam and zayn

‘i need a rest but lux wont sleep’ said Lou werally

‘I’m going to see mark’ said Jack

‘and i dont really have a clue ‘ said niall

‘fair enough guys sounds  like your gonna have fun’

‘Oh Vicky i have an idea , why dont me and you take Lux out around the sights ? we can go for lunch and just get to know each other’ said niall

‘that would be brilliant’ yawned Lou

‘sure i mean i would love to can i meet you in the lobby in 15 minuets?’

‘of course let me ring paul and me and little angle over there will meet you in the lobby’


I went to change so in 15  minuets i achieved changing into my reg skinny jeans a navy hoodie and a cream top with my blue vans on my hair was screwed up in a bun and sunglasses seated on top of my pinned up fringe i grabbed my bag phone and car keys and left .

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