Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


3. Zayn To The Rescue Again

 I Was picked up from my spot in the car and carried away. All I knew was that I was With Amer. I had no clue where we were going. But why wuld he kidnap me? The girls were right last night; he hasn't shown interest in me in months. Why now? But I kinda liked it. If it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't be with Zayn. My thoughts were interuppted as I was thrown down on what I think was a couch.

The bag was beginning to get lifted off of my head. "Hello Dalila". I heard his huskey voice say to me. HIs voice sent chills down my spine. The kind that you get when you are watching a horror movie.

"What do you want with me Amer?" I said as confidently as I could. "Well seeing as my girlfriend got stolen from me, I figured that I would go ahead and take her back." he smirked at me.

"As long as you are here your little friend Zayn can't find you." *bzz. bzz* My phone went off. Amer was too busy rambling on about how he will get his revenge on Zayn for 'stealing me' and how I was never going to see him again, to hear my phone.

My hands were in a know from some rope. I stood up very quickly and stepped over my hands, placing them in my lap. I got my phone from my pocket to see that Lauren was texting me. I couldn't tell her where I was but I got 'send help' out to her. She quickly repsonded *bzz bzz* 'Where r u? what the hell is going on?' 'idk where i am. find-'  Amer took my phone. "trying to get help are we? Well nice try but no one will ever find you." He smiled at me.

 *bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz* Lauren is calling me. "A friend of yours?"He answered my phone. '"Lilly? Where the hell are you?! If you tell me where you are I can get you. If you are in trou-"' "Shh don't speak. Lilly is just fine. She doesn't need you. She has me and that is all she will ever need." He just wouldn't wipe that evil smile off his face. '"WHERE THE HELL IS LILLY AMER?"' His face went into shock. "How the hell do you know who this is?" "'Well Amer. I have known Dalila for quite sometime. You aren't the only one who knows her secrets."

His jaw droppped. Not many people would that my name is Dalila. I only told Lauren because she is the only one I could trust when I moved here a few years ago. She was my only friend until she showed me to Dede and Sierra.

"I know that you have seen what I am capiable of Amer. I know that you have seen Dede and Sierra in action too. As well as Zayn. I really don't think you wanna keep Lilly there. When we find her. You, will be in a whole new world of pain. I love you Lilly and I will find you." *beep beep beep* "She hung up." I whispered to myself.

"No matter how many times they say the will find you, they won't. You are going to be with me forever." He walked over  to me, smile all the way across his face. It wasn't the same smile I had been reciveing from him. This smile was the one from the devil.

As he crept over to me his smile dug deeper into my fear. He got over to me. He pounced on me. His smile from the devil and his eyes filled with lust. This isn't going to be good.

He kissed up and down my neck. "Amer stop" I moaned. I felt a smile grow on his face. He pulled off my shirt. Then wrapped his arms around my tightly. He un-hooked my bra. He kissed down my chest, until he reached my breasts. He kissed them softly. Then he began to suck one and massage the other. He switched. I just wanted to get out of there, but in the back of my head; I wouldn't let myself get up. I haven't felt this kind of touch in a LONG time. And have longing for it for those months after Amer broke up with me.

He un-did his belt and jeans. He pulled down his boxers, revealing hs shaft. "Blow." He demanded. I looked up at him with a nervous look. "That face isn't going to work anymore. Now blow." I looked back down to his shaft. I wrapped my mouth around it and blew. He bit his bottom lip. "Harder." he moaned. I did as I was told.


I was on his bed; naked. "How did I get here?" I whipsered to myself. "Well you were resisting do I had you drink this." I heard Amer say."And now that you are awake, the real fun can start." He smirked as he crept closer. I felt my body start shaking. My phone was on the bed side table. He saw me looking at it. He rushed over and threw it aginast the wall. The screen cracked but it still came on. 'Thank god that it is still working. I can use it once he goes to sleep.' I thought to my self ,but Amer was still taking long swift steps over  to me.

He came over to me and spread my legs. He rubbed the insides of my thighs softly.  He made a trail of sweet kisses up my thighs to my clit. He licked it for a moment, then pulnged his tounge into my cunt. "nnn" I moaned. He pulled his tounge out. He jammed in 3 fingers. I moaned really loud and he laughed softly. Once he felt me loosen, he rammed in his huge shaft. He pumped harder and faster. He leaned over and massaged my breasts keeping his pace when I heard the door come open. He threw on somebasketball shorts and ran down the stairs. "STAY HERE!" he yelled at me before he left. I looked around. I saw my clothes and my phone I threw on my clothes then I hear Amer scream in agony. I jammed my phone into my front pocket and ran as quietly but as fastly as I could down the stairs Amer went down just a moment ago.

I got down half way down the stairs andfound Lauren, Dede, and Sierra looking around and calling my name. Zayn was on the ground, on his knees hovering over Amer. He was beating th shit out of him. I  ran down the stairs. "Lilly!" they all yelled at m . All of them but Amer who was being cholked by Zayn. "ZAYN! NO! STOP! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HIM!" I screamed at Zayn as I was running over to him. "THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO!" "No stop please Zayn" I could feel the tears streaming down my face. He realesed and let Amer breath agin.

"But baby. He kidnaped you. And by the way he looks he rapped you." His face and his voice so innocent and confused. "Ya see. Amer is the only person that came here from Bosnia with me. His family and mine are very close. They didnt have enough money to buy 2 adult plane tickets. But enough for 2 children tickets. So since me and him were so close they sent him with me. He has been keeping the family phone number away from me. I can't remeber what is was. Or where he hid it. I need him alive to find it." I sighed and looked down. My hot tears were running my face. Zayn came over to leaning down once again because  I had just collapsed. He wrapped his strong arms around me "Baby I'm sorry. I didn't know all of that." He whispered in my ear. Lauren was checking Amer's pulse. "It's there. I'ts just not very strong" she looked to me. "If we leave him here do you think that he will live?" 'Iknow that sounds terrible but I don't want to help him' I think in my head. "Yeah he should." she gave me a weak smile. "He will stay knocked out for a little while though." "Okay that's fine. But I want to go back upstairs really quick something caught my eye." "Okay baby we'll be waiting here. They all started carrying Amer to his couch.

I went upstairs and went in his closet. I found a piece of paper. I looked at it all folded up. I opened it. 'Dalila's family number' it read at the top. "I FOUND IT!"
"found what?" Zayn said. "My family number!" tears of happiness went down my face. He looked at me then at Amer then back to me. I nodded. He walked over to Amer.

"You won't be messing with my girlfriend ever again" he whispered and smirked. He put his hands on Amer's head. And,

 Cracked his neck.

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