Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


5. The Rumors Were True?!?!

"It's Zayn.... Again." Sierra said to me obviously annoyed. "What did he say?". "Ou girl you're going to like this!" she says excitedly. "What does it say!". She giggled a bit before speaking. "Okay, okay it says-" 'Hey babe meet me at the cliff at 10: O'clock.' Looks like he doesn't want to act weird anymore. He seems a little bit thirsty." She said winking at me. "Oh come on. Yeah right. With the way he has been acting?; He probably just wants to make-out or something lame like that". I grab my phone from her grasp and text 'okay see ya then ;)' 


I get up to the cliff and I see Zayn's car, I walk up to it to find Zayn having sex with another girl! The girl was the first one to look up, then I realize that it was one of my more distant friends Julia. She quickly rolled off of him and hid under a blanket or something. I threw open the car door  "ZAYN WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I screamed at him, people in their cars; mainly people from my school started looking. He stuttered; "u-u-uh... I can explain?". "Typical fucking other bitched Zayn. I knew from the start that you were the 'Bradford Bad-Boy' but I thought you changed! I thought what we shared was different. I guess not. Good-bye Zayn." I yelled at him right before I stamped away. "Lilly! Baby! Wait! I can explain!" I heard him coming after me. I turned around and got caught in his deep brown eyes, but I am not about to let him win me over. "Baby let me explain" he begged. "No Zayn. I should have seen this coming. You have been acting really weird lately. I'm done. We're done." I told him sternly. "Wait no listen." He pleaded still only wrapped in a sheet. Revealing his beautiful abs. "N-n-no. Just stop trying, Be with her for all I care. I could feel the tears building up in my eyes. "Lil-" he started but, no, I cut him off with a slap. The hardest one I have ever given to someone. "Goodbye." I said. I turned and ran. I ran all 10 blocks to my complex. I automatically called Lauren, Dede, and Sierra. They are my bestfriends. They are the only ones I can talk to.

I told them everything. They all helped me through what just happened. They all spent the night in my apartment and planned my revenge in the morning.


"Can I please whoop this cheating ass mother fucker up? You know that I can whoop that bitch." Dede is obviously excitable. "I will make that man whore pay for what he did to you! Lilly please." Now begging me. But I want to hear what Lauren has to say first, but this girl loves her sleep and is a force to be reckoned with if you wake her up. She finally begins to move. "White Wonder you finally up girl?" Dede said clearly joking. All she did is groan. "Well good morning to you too." Dede, Sierra, and I say in unison. "It came to me." she said groggily; her voice still warming up. "What did?" I say totally confused. "What we can do to get back at Zayn" she is beginning to wake up. "Well what is it?!" She reaches over, grabs her glasses and puts them on. "well-"

"-We could set you up with that new hottie that came in Austin-" she was still thinking of how to put her words together when Dede cuts her off. "HELL NO! AUSTIN AS IN AUSTIN MAHONE? HAHA NO THAT SEXY PIECE OF MAN IS MINE!!" She is yelling at this point. "Hold on hold on hold on. I know that you 'love' him, but Lilly just got he heart ripped and crushed right in front of her own eyes. We only  need him for probably a few months; get them comfortable, have them make-out a few times in front of Zayn. Then he will be putty in our hands." She said with an evil smirk smeared across her face. "This is why I love you Lauren." I say it so excited I let the girls convince me on ice cream for breakfast. From there we make a plan to wrap Austin around my finger.  




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