Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


1. The Beginning

"Sierra, I really don't care what you say. I am going to get Zayn to go out with me if it is last thing I do." I say jokingly to one of my best friends Sierra.  "Lilly quit being so thirsty!" she squeals back at me. "Haha I'm sorry, but something about him... he just turns me on! Oh look there he is now. I'm going to talk to him. Wish me good luck." "Good luck bitch" Sierra says with a joking smile and wink. Zayn was the new kid from Bradford. He already had the rep. 'The Bradford Bad-Boy'. I normally don't like the bad boys, but something just draws me to Zayn. "Hi, Zayn" I said to him. My voice was shaking. I'm not used to not being able to flirt with people. "Hey. Lilly? Right?" his voice sent shivers down my spine.  HE KNOWS MY NAME!! I thought to myself. "How do you like Furinkan High so far?"  I was begining to get comfortable. "It's really cool. And I have been meeting some really cool people." He winked at me. I began to blush, then I saw my ex-boyfriend walking toward me behind Zayn. He took my wrist, pulled me in and kissed me. I pushed him off of me. "What in the bloody hell do you think you're doing Amer?" "I think that im kissing my girlfriend" he smirked at me. "Umm hell no. You broke up with me. And I'm over you". "Yeah sorry Amer but me and this girl, Lilly are talking". He looked at me signaling not to say anything and to play along. I obeyed.  Zayn leaned down and kissed my cheek. "I thought you said you  are only talking." he crossed his amrs over his chest. "We are, but I just like to remind her that when she is ready, that I am here for her." Amer just turned around and and walked out of the cafiteria. "Hey thanks Zayn. That was really cool." I smiled. "Just be happy none of my friends are in here. I do have a reputation to keep up." He winked at me. "Well I'll talk to you later Zayn. I got to get to class" I blushed, "alright. I'll see ya around Lilly." 


It was after school. I had already said my good-byes to all my friends. I got outside of the school when I saw Amer. I ducked my head and tried to walk by. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in. He slapped my ass and began to squeeze it. He rammed me up against a wall. He began kissing my neck. "Amer get off of me" I groaned.  He wrapped his hands around my breasts, moving them around and around. Squeezing them, moving them. "Amer get OFF!!". I was able to kick my leg up right between his legs. He fell to his knees and I jumped around him, to find Zayn standing at the door. He walked passed me. He grabbed Amer's collar and held him up in the air. His feet must have been four inches off the ground. He punches him straight in the nose, so hard that he dropped Amer on the ground. He gets down on the ground and punches him in the face multiple times. His lip, his nose were bleeding and his eye is swelling. Amer pulls himself loose and runs away. "Oh my gosh Zayn. Thank you so much . That's two times in one day! How can I make it up to you?" He smiles at me "Don't mention it. It wasn't a big deal." He stood up from his knees. "Don't be scared. I will always protect you. But dont tell anyone that this happened it will ruin my rep." He winked at me. "See ya later babe". "Wa- wait. Zayn, does this make me your girlfriend?" I was shocked at what he just said. "Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" he smirked " Umm hell yeah". He chuckled. "Alright see ya tomrrow Lil."



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