Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


7. Someone New.

We talked at Steak 'n' Shake for like 3 hours. He payed the bill and everything...  He even asked me to be his.... GIRLFRIEND! AND HE KISSED ME!!! He really likes me! And I thought that he was only using me to impress Lauren. but nope! He likes me! I'm so excited! 

'GIRLS GET OVER HERE NOW! XD' I texted the all of my best friends. 'IM ON MY WAY' Lauren text got to my phone then I heard really loud thumps all the way down the hall, my door was flung open, Lauren burst through the door. "WHAT HAPPENED!" She yelled excitedly. "Lauren the other girls haven't even texted me back. I can't tell you until you until they get here. "Fine"

We waited for a hour until the other girls finally got here. "Okay I finally tell you what happened today after my date with Austin. So we talked for like 3 hours. He is really sweet and caring and funny and smart. Then when he got a text from his mom saying that he had to go, he showed me the message so that I wouldn't think that he is ditching me. Then before he left, he asked me to be his girlfriend........ Then.... HE KISSED ME !!!!" All the girls went crazy with excitement. They were all squealing and bouncing, all but Dede. "I am really happy for you. I really am," Dede had sadness wiped across her face. "Dede it's okay. Once we carry out the plan, I won't need him anymore. I will let him down easy, still be friends with him, and put in a good word for you."  I gave her a smile, and she just laughed. "That's nice but I won't need your good word. I can make him fall in love with me easily."

All the girls laughed and they spent the night. We talked about what we were going to do the next day.


Austin ate lunch with us and he took me to my apartment. He walked me up to my room. I thanked him and went to walk inside when he grabbed my waist and turned me around. He attacked my neck with his soft lips. I moaned. I felt a smile form on his face as it was pressed against my neck. "Babe I want to have some fun with you." He whispered.

I pushed him away. I looked at me with a disappointed look. "Baby?" He slightly frowned. "Austin, I really like you but..-" I sighed. "But what? Are you just using me to get back at Zayn?  I know that you are. But I thought that you were really coming to like me. Like forgetting about him..." He looked away, he put a hand up to his face. "Austin I do really like you, but I don't think that I'm ready to jump to this kind of relationship right now. I do want to be with you. But I can't fulfill your lustful needs right now." 

I looked disappointed myself. I could feel it on my face. He sighed. "I completely understand. I rushed into things. I really like you. And we should take it slower than this. I know you just got out of a bad relationship. I will see you tomorrow babe." He kissed me gently, and walked out of the door. 


I flopped down onto my bed. I wanted to cry so bad. I felt terrible for all of that with Austin. I don't to tell all the girls about this but I wanted to talk to someone. But who could I talk to? Bzzz. bzzz. My phone went off. Austin texted me. 'Hey babe. I justed wanted to say I'm sorry again for rushing into things. If you ever want to talk about anything. I'll be here. I want you to know; be scared , ever. I will always protect you.'

I started bursting out crying. He said practically the exact same thing as Zayn said to me right after he beat up Amer, and before he asked me out. I was laying there in my bed, my face buried in my pillows. My pillows were getting soaking wet from all my tears. I couldn't do it anymore. My best friend in the world was just down the hall. I loved all my other friends, but they took work. Lauren has been there for me ever since  I first got here. Since I first got to America. She was even one of the people who helped teach me English. I had to talk to her.

*Ring... ring... ring...* "Hello?" Her voice was so comforting already. "L-l-lauren. I need you. I-i-it's Austin." I was trying so hard to speak through my tears. "Oh baby what happened? Did he break up with you?" Her voice was so concerned. "I-I-I.....-" my voice trailed off. "Oh, okay. I'll be right there." Not a minute later. I heard my door swing open. "Lilly? Where are you?" I groaned. "Dalila? Which room are you in?" I groaned again. "My bedroom" 

"Lilly, baby, what happened?" "Why do you always do that?" "Do what baby?" "You always call me baby when I'm sad. I have seen preppy girls do that, but you're not a preppy girl." I sniffled. She giggled. "I do that with all of you girls. It makes you wonder, and giggle. Making you a little bit happier." She smiled. "So, Baby, heh, tell me what happened."


I told her everything, How Austin moved too fast, how I had to lie to his face. I mean I told him that I really liked him. He is hot but he isn't really my type. I told her that he used the same words that Zayn used after beating Amer and starting to date me. It was just tearing me apart. "Lilly, I know that you aren't happy with Austin. And I know that you want to get revenge on Zayn. But sweetie. You need to be happy whether you're single or in a relationship. You need to just follow your heart." He gave me a big hug. "Okay I guess I'll sleep on it." I sighed and rolled over shoving my head in my pillows again, "You can stay if you want. Stay in here, on the couch, or just go back to your place." I groaned. "Hell no. I am staying right here with you." She got comfortable next to me and turned my t.v.... While I trailed off to sleep. 

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