Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


8. Single Once Again

I texted Austin. 'Austin I need to see you. Can you go to the coffee shop at 1:30?' It took a few minutes but he finally replied; 'Yeah. What do you wanna talk about?' I let out a huge sigh. It made Lauren stir next to me. I forgot that she wanted to spend the night. Telling by her position she fell asleep watching t.v. Thankfully she didn't wake up. I looked back down to my phone. 'I want to talk about it in person.' I rolled out of my bed, very carefully; trying not to wake Lauren. I went over to my desk and picked up a pen and some sticky notes. 'Lauren. Went out to talk to Austin. If I'm not back I'm at the coffee shop. Text me when you wake up' I left the note on the T.V so she could see it when she woke up.


I pulled up at the coffee shop a few minutes early to try to organize my thoughts. I let out a huge sigh. "There he is" I whispered to myself as Austin pulled up on the other side of the parking lot. I wish that I had more time to think. 

I got out of my car. I walked up to him. He extended his arms to hug me. "I can't Austin. I'm sorry." He frowned at me. "I know exactly what's going on Lilly. I know you don't feel right about dating me, so I only want to kiss you in school tomorrow in front of Zayn so your friends don't get angry at you. I know that I was a big part of your all's plan.... So yeah I just want to help.-" his voiced trailed off. "Thank you for understanding. Austin I know that this is a very cliche but I want to stay friends with you. I would really like to keep you in my life. Also Dede really likes you... I don't know if you like her or not... but she is a really cool girl. You should give her a chance." 

I pulled him into a hug. I  have to go.

I walked away leaving him devastated in his tracks. He stood there in shock. He looked like he was almost in tears. 

I got into my car. And drove back to my apartment.


Once I got back. I found Lauren. She was still sleeping. So I went into my kitchen and made; eggs, bacon, and toast. I got out a tray, a glass, and some apple juice. I put the food on a plate, then put it on the tray. I poured the juice into the glass. Then placed that on the tray.

I went into the bedroom. "Lauren... Are you up?" "Nnnnn" "I have food.." I put a fake smile on my face as she shot up. "Food?" "Yep, bacon, eggs, toast, and apple juice. I know how you don't like orange." I kept the smile on face. But I know that Lauren saw right through me. But she put it off to the side until I gave her the food. "Thanks bae." "You're welcome.". "So did I miss anything? You seem a little off. Is anything wrong?" "Umm I broke up with Austin..." "WHAT?! LILLY YOU CAN'T WHAT ABOUT THE PLAN?!?!" "Lauren, calm down. I just couldn't stay with him. I'm still not over Zayn. I don't know if I ever will be." I sighed and looked at the ground. "Lilly, the plan was to used Austin, so you 'could' get Zayn back. Was it really that bad?" "No, it isn't that. Austin is a really cool guy, but I'm just not ready to date again. And knowing that one of my best friends likes him, and knowing he likes one of them, I'm just in the middle. And I hate it."

I started to tear up. "No, no, no. Don't cry. Lilly, Austin doesn't like me. He never has. He teases me. He went to my middle school. I liked him, but he liked the girly girls. He moved away for some reason, and now the little bitch is back." "Really?" "Really." she smiled. 

"It's a Sunday, what are we going to?" Well I wanna go lazer tagging, but I need to talk to Zayn. "Go to Louis' house. I have some business." I walked over to my closet and pulled out my outfit, then walked to the bathroom. 

I changed into my light blue tank top, white denim shorts, and light blue toms with white laces, and curled my hair. I walked out and picked up my small white, over-the-shoulder purse. Lauren's jaw dropped. "You looks so cute! What kind of business do you have?" "I plan on meeting an old, friend." I smiled and dropped my phone into my purse.


I hopped into my car and drove to his house. He lives alone. ~~ I finally got to his house, I stepped out of my car, took a deep breath, and started to his front door. Once up there I knocked. He answered the door, "LILLY!" he exclaimed. "What are you... doing... here?" He said while examining me. "I miss you." I whispered, he grabbed my hand and pulled me in the house.

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