Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


4. Rumors

***** 4 months later*****

It has been four months since Amer was finally was released from my life. I have called my family at least three times each day. I was only able to communicate with my mom. She had made it to the states, just not where I am. So she was the only one I could get ahold of. But even she didn't have the family number, so I gave it to her and we do multi calls sometimes.

"Hey babe." I turned around to find my boyfriend Zayn. He pulled me in for a long passionate kiss. My friends came up * gagging sounds* He pulled away and we both kinda turned red. "So other than sucking faces, what's up guys?" Dede said to us giggling a little. "Well we were thinking about going to the movies." Zayn didn't even let me speak. I looked up at him confused. He looked at me with the just go with it look. The same one he gave me the day Amer kissed me in the luch room. I giggled and said "Yeah. What movie again Zayn?" he looked at me with big eyes. I got lost in his brown eyes. I could tell he was saying some shit to the girls but I couldn't hear. All I could focus on were his eyes. "Lauren can we go with you?" I snapped out of my trance. "Can they Zayn?" I gave him puppy dog eyes. "Yeah okay" "yay!" me and the girls squealed. I kissed him and said "I'll see you in about a hour?" "See ya then. "He smirked and winked. He kissed me again and went on his way.

"He's cheating on you ya know."  I heard someone say behind me. I turned around to find one of the girls Zayn apparently fucked before we were dating. "I thought what we had was special too. But now look at him. Going out with you. Making you think that he has changed. Not going around fucking other chicks. He's Zayn. Everybody knows that people don't change. There is plenty of time where he isn't around you to fuck other girls. I would dump his sorry ass now before his breaks your heart." She just walked away.

"What was that all about? Have you all heard these rumors too?" I said to the girls very upset. "Don't lie to me. I know all of you girls all too well. I will know. None of them replied. "So all of you have heard them. And no one bothered to tell me?!" They all flashed me innocent smiles. "Well we know how happy Zayn makes you. So we wanted to keep you happy for as long as possible." Sierra said kinda sadly. 

Dede was staring off. But she wasn't zoned out. It was the kind of staring like she was looking at something, or.... someone. "DEDE! What are you staring at?" Sierra snapped. "I', staring at the new kid. Austin Mahone. He is one sexy ass piece of man." Well help us out here. Lilly is really upset. "Okay, Okay. You snapped me out of Austin land.... But what are we talking about again?"

She gave us a weak smile. We all just laughed. Even her.

"Okay but seriously.. We were talking about how people are saying that Zayn is cheating on Lilly." Lauren said, snapping us out of out laughing fit. 

"How do we know this is true? People start rumors all the time." Sierra said. "Good pint. But how do we know that is isn't? Zayn is the 'Bradford Bad-Boy'." Lauren suggested. "But it isn't like we can just go and ask each teen at this whole highschool who they heard this from." I replied. "Hey Lilly what if you got one of your more distant friends to talk to him. Like someone who you don't talk to very often but someone who would be willing to do it." Dede's voice has a little bit of an evil sound to it when she says this. "How about we talk about this later? Like have you girls spend the night at my place again. It  is almost time to meet Zayn at the movies." I said. 


We got to the movies and saw Zayn staring off, looking kinda sad. I walked up behind him. I grabbed his shoulders and yelled. "BOO!" He turned around, looking kinda pissed. He slightly put his hands in the air, "ahh.." he kept his blank facial expression when saying so, also saying with quite a bit of sarcasm. "Oh you're no fun." I said slightly punching his shoulder. He grabbed my hand, pulled me in and just pecked me on the lips. I thought that it was going to be more passionate... but  I guess not. He kept my hand and let me into the theater, the girls close behind.


After the movie Zayn said he had to go. No kiss, no hug, no nothing. He has been acting really weird lately. I don't want to believe it. I really don'y... But... is Zayn cheating on me? 

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