Getting Someone New?

Basically this is a mature content story that I wrote. Lilly Beverley is in a relationship with Zayn Malik. She finds out that Zayn has been cheating on her. Will she forgive him? Or will she find someone new? WARNING this fanfic includes: 16+ sexual content, and some explicit language.


6. Over You...

The checklist I was given reads;

Get Austin to fall in love with you

Make-out on front of Zayn

Get Zayn jealous

Break up with Austin

Make up with Zayn

Let Dede have Austin

"This isn't very helpful we did't even come up with a plan to get Austin to like me. Just this dumb ass list." I was so aggravated. I thought that they would come up with a really good plan. Instead they stayed here and all of my sweets.

"Sorry Lilly. I know that we didn't come up with anything good... But I, don't think that you need a plan to make him like you. You have one of those amazing personalities where you can make anyone like you. I know that because; first of all look at who you have in this room together. Before you moved here the three of practically wanted each other dead. But you came along and made friends with all of us. We all have totally different personalities, without you, we wouldn't be friends right now. You showed us how to find what we like in people. Not what we don't. Second of all, you have made so many different guys fall for you.;The emos, goths, punks, rockers, bad-boys, nerds, jocks, EVEN GIRLS! You can make anyone like you with a little time. And if Austin doesn't doesn't see what an amazing girl that you are then, well, fuck him. We can find someone else who actually has some sense." A tear slid down her face, as well as one down mine. "We love Dalila. No matter what. We will always be by your side." She wiped away her tears. "Now do you want to talk to Austin. "I love you too. All of you. And yeah, where is he?"

I wiped my own tears. And began to look around for him, then I heard someone behind me' "Right here." I turned around. I felt my entire face turn red. "O-oh hey Austin." He is so much cuter up close. I wouldn't mind having him around more often. I raised my eyebrow and smirked to myself... "Lilly?" Sierra snapped my out of it. "Oh! Sorry." I nervously giggled and felt my face get hot. He smiled at me. But then looked behind me and gave a loving smile I turn around to follow his gaze. He was staring right at Lauren!!! 

She noticed and looked at him un-approvingly and shook her head 'no'. He looked back at me. "I heard your friend's speech, and I would love to help! You seem really cool. Wanna talk over a milkshake or something?" I felt my cheeks turn pink. "Heh heh. Sure. That sounds fun. What time do you wanna meet?" I questioned. "Well how about you meet me in parking lot C, and I'll drive you up to Steak 'n' Shake?" He didn't seem so much interested in me as he was in Lauren. Maybe he was using me to make him look better for her.  But that's alright. Lauren has a long term boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson; 3 years. We are seniors and they have been dating since freshman year. It has almost been 4 years now. So she won't be coming after Austin anytime soon. All I need to worry about is Dede. "That sounds nice. See ya after school." "See ya." He turned and walked away. 

"That went well if you ask me." Lauren said making a heart with her fingers. "Yeah right. He seemed more interested in you than in me." I said upset. "Oh shut-up. He just likes bothering me about that because he knows that I liked him in middle school. And now he's single and I'm with Louis." She was disappointed that I would even think that he would win  her over. "Oh."


It was after school, I walked out to parking lot C. I saw him at his car, I walked over to him "Hey" I pushed a piece of my hair out of my face, I also turned pink. "Hey." He gave me a really hot half a smile. His voice sent tingles down my spine. "Ready to go?" "Yeah." "Well hop in. We smiled and got in his car. 

Off to Steak 'n' Shake we went. 



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