My Paradise...or maybe my home?

Cassidy West was an ordinary girl,and also the biggest Directioner at her school. When she wins a contest that says she gets to spend time with the boys she's delighted. But when they all start to fall for her..she doesn't know who to choose. Who will win Cassidy's heart? Who's hearts will Cassidy break?


3. The Flight is here!!!

Leslie drove me to LAX,since my mum was out of town and my dad was at work. She dropped me off,wavy said,and I walked to the boys,gave me a huge hug,and sped away. I looked over at the boys. They looked hypnotized for some reason. I picked up my suitcase and walked over. "Well,hello beautiful." Harry said. I blushed like crazy. "Let's go love!" Louis said and grabbed my bags. I smiled and walked toward the plane. I got in a window seat and Harry tried to squeeze in next to me. Harry sat and looked down at the ground and his curls fell with his head. It was tempting to reach over and run my hands through his hair,but I controlled myself.
*Harry's POV* She was beautiful. She walked over and I realized she was probably out of my league and she had a boyfriend. We got on the plane and I grabbed the seat beside her before anyone else could. She smiled at me and I looked down. I glanced at her and saw she was continuosly reaching her hand over to my hair then reluctantly pulling back. It was adorable when she tried to contain herself. I was going to make her mine.
*Cassidy's POV* The last time I reached my hand towards his hair,he grabbed it before I could pull away. I giggled and looked away. Harry reached his other hand to my face and turned my head around. "'re making me freak the hell out. This shit isn't funny at a-" I was interrupted by his lips crashing against mine. He whispered words to me between kisses. "I" kiss "love" kiss "you..." kiss. I reached my hands up to his face. "Harry and Cassidy.." I said when he pulled back. "I like the sound of that."

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