My Paradise...or maybe my home?

Cassidy West was an ordinary girl,and also the biggest Directioner at her school. When she wins a contest that says she gets to spend time with the boys she's delighted. But when they all start to fall for her..she doesn't know who to choose. Who will win Cassidy's heart? Who's hearts will Cassidy break?


2. The E-Mail

Subject: CONGRATS!!!

Hello,Cassidy! We have a special surprise for you. We know you are a huge One Direction fan,so we have first class tickets or you and the boys to get on a plane and fly to our 5-star resort in Honolulu,Hawaii!!!! Pack your bags. Your trip is from Saturday April 27,2013 to Sunday May 4,2013. The boys will be waiting for you at LAX on Saturday with your tickets.
                               ---End of Message---

I stared at my computer screen in disbelief,scanning the e-mail repeatedly to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I slapped myself hard. "SHIT!!!!" I screamed. The slap hurt,so I knew it wasn't a dream. "Oh my carrots!!!! LESLIE!!!!!!" I screamed as I ran down the stairs,out of the house,and down the street to my best friend Leslie's house. I opened the door (her mother said I'm like family,so I am allowed in no matter what.). Leslie was home alone,so I screamed at the top of my lungs. "LESLIE!!!! HOLY HARRRY!!!!!! I WON!!! I'M GOING ON VACATION WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!!!" She looked at me with a jokingly hard stare. "You little whore!" She said. "Lay a finger on Liam's dick and I'll beat your ass." She started to laugh and so did I. Leslie was sweet,and she wouldn't say I'm a whore or beat my ass. We both know I'm stronger than her,since I grew up with a bitch of a cousin. "Shit,Leslie! I gotta go pack. We leave tomorrow." "Well,why didn't you say so! I'll help! You gotta look sexy for them!"

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