Does everything goes back to normal after a suicide?

Can life go back to normal when you best friend kill themselves? Do people expect that you get over it, just like that.
You just don't get over yet, not something like that.
You can't..


4. 2 Weeks Later

  ”It turned out after Alisa's breakdown in the hallway she was hospitalized like me and was diagnosed with a depression, cutting and bulimic. She's getting better, she still in therapy but she stopped hurting herself and throwing up everything she eat.”

  “Do you still talk with her?” I looked up at my therapist, Jessica.
  “Yeah, after I found out she was hospitalized, I went to visit her, she was still a little mad at me for not telling her, but when I explained everything, she understood.” I said, “And what about Amy?” Jessica asked as she scripple in the notebook. “We're still together, and she and Alisa had become friends too. But after I told Amy about why didn't told her about Hayley because I was afraid she would treat me like walking on eggshells around me, she understood and I would say that it stronger our bond as friends and boyfriend/girlfriend.” I said and smiled.

It had been two weeks since Alisa's breakdown in school.

Jessica smiled at me, “I'm glad to hear that you're happy and I know you didn't wanted to stop talking to Amy when you first were hospitalized, but you can say in the end everything turn out good, despise Hayley's death.” I nodded.

  “So we talk more next week?” Jessica said as we talk to the door of her office in the house, “and tell Amy I said hi. Take care Charlie.” I gave her a hug and left out to the car.

 I drove out to the bridge and looked up in the rearview mirror, where I could see the empty road that hadn't change one bit over the year. As I got out of the car and leaned against the railing over the bridge, I thought back at everything that had happen over the last year.

From fun times with Hayley and Alisa.
To be told Hayley killed herself.
Finding out I'm bipolar and learning to live with it.
Meeting Amy, and realizing that I could be happy after Hayley's death.
To Alisa's breakdown and finding out she has a depression.
To reading Hayley's letter.
Explain to Amy why I kept that part my life a screcrt.

Thinking about it, it feels more than a year had gone.

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