Catch me, please?

I wanted it all to end...the hurt, lies... everything.

But nothing went away.... So I had to stop it myself...

Harmony Starren was in love.

She fell too easily for her own good. He said he loved her. But lied.

She couldn't take living day by day still loving him after he hurt her. So she had to go against gods will and stop the hurt herself.

But what will she think when she finds out that's not the end of her life?

That there's still another chapter to her story.

One that involves five boys. Five to which one she starts to fall for.

But is she ready to love again? How can she love again when the person who broke her is still in her mind constantly?

Can they repair the broken soul that has stumbled upon them?

"Catch me, please?"


3. New beginning ...

~~9 Months later~~ " Oh my god, Harmony. I'm going to miss you so much!" Jesse said tears coming down her face. Jesse was a girl that I met at Bayside. Bayside was like a mental rehab kind of thing. My parents sent me here after I left the hospital, those dicks. They said it was for my best interest. " I know. I'm going to miss you too but I'm 18 now. I can leave this hell hole!" I said pulling her in a hug. A month ago I turned 18. Which meant I was an adult, I could do anything I wanted without being told. Don't get me wrong Baysides not all that bad. Its just the label that I get put under when people find out that I was admitted here. They judge me without getting to know me. Not that I cared anyway. Oh and also.....the food SUCKS! "Don't forget me okay? I know that your going to become famous and all but just remember your friend you left her in Florida." Jesse said pulling away. "Jes, you know I would never forget you." I told her smiling, "And I doubt ill get famous! Its just a little interview with a record, okay? " Oh Jesse! She always has high hopes for everything. Which makes me question why she was here for depression. "Mmh, whatever just make sure you visit me! Don't go off falling in love with one of those boys with them sexy accents!" She said with a cheeky wink. That's when the air left me. Felt like someone punched me in the stomach. I've never told Jesse why I came here. She never questioned me about it. That's why I liked her. I nod and pull my carry on and look towards the cab waiting for me. "Alright, gotta go Jesse. Ill miss you!" Pulling her in for one last hug. She hugged me for what seemed like forever and then let go. I walked in the front seat of the cab. "Where too?" Asked the driver. "Airport, please?" I answered. He started to drive off. Until we hear someone yelling the cab to stop. "WAIT! HARMONY YOU FORGOT SOMETHING! " I step out the cab and jog towards Jesse grabbing what I left behind. She hands me a box. The box I always keep under my bed. The box that I've never opened since me and him broke up. "Umm thanks Jes.." I said smiling at her and waving goodbye again as I jog back in the cab. "Bye!" Yelled Jesse back. "Are we ready now?" The driver asked annoyed. "Erm yeah." I answered. My voice at a low whisper. I don't know why I kept the box. It held a necklace that he gave me as our one year anniversary. That said, " C+H= 4Ever" It was cheesy but I loved it. It just reminded me of when he did care. When he said he loved me. "Were here miss." I looked at the meter and gave him the cash owed. "Thanks." I said stepping out the cab. I grabbed my luggage. I took my first step in the airport. "London, here I come." I whispered to myself. ~~16 hours later~~ "Can I take your bag miss?" Asked the man in front of the hotel. "Um, sure.." I've never had someone do that at hotel. I walked up to the front desk. Telling them my name and information. Without question they handed me my key and showed me the direction for my room. "Third floor. Room 316. Where the hell is it?" I screamed in frustration. I tried following the man carrying my stuff but of course I lose him. I walk of few more steps until I feel my feet stumbling over something. I fall on my hands and knees. "Shit!" I look back to see what I tripped on. Nothing was there. Stupid fucking gravity. "Ma'am, What are you doing on the floor?" I looked up and saw the man who carried my bag in front of a door. Room 316. "Oh, you know. Enjoying the smell of the carpet. " Letting sarcasm leak through my voice. "Okay then...? Here's your room. Have a nice stay." "Thanks. " I stood up and walked in my room. I looked really ......expensive. I was only here for a meeting with a recording company. Not for the queen! I grabbed my bag letting out a sigh. Might as well sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. I jumped in the king sized bed but not before grabbing the complementary Oreos ;) **********~******* "Name.?" Said the secretary. She sounded like a bitch. "Harmony Starre." "Okay, They said for you to wait here until they call for you. " "Okay " I sat down in the extremely comfy chair. This place was humongous! Who the hell owned this? "Excuse me, miss? —" "Maria." The lady snapped. "Maria.." I started, gritting my teeth, holding back a snarky comment. "I didn't catch the name of this company. " "SYCO records." "Oh okay...and who owns it?" I added. " How can you be here for an internship and not know the name of the place or owner? Its Simon Cowell!" Wait..? Did she just say what I think she said? Simon flubbing Cowell? "S–Sim–mon C–Cowell?!" Holy shit I had to go! I can't let THE Simon Cowell see me! He'll think I'm weird! I stood up grabbing my purse ready to run out. "Harmony Starre? " I heard my named being asked. I turned around trying not to trip over the heels I wore today. I looked towards the man. SIMON COWELL! He was eying my outfit. Lace white flowy dress. With a jean jacket and black heels. "Yes. That's me. " I pronounced. Trying to sound confident. I got let into a office and sat down in the chair across from God— I mean Simon. "So Harmony why are you here?" I gathered all the information to use and sat straight up ready to answer any question. "I'm here for the internship." "Why?" "Why? Because I love music! It has done everything for me! To work here. Under your wing or anyone's. Would be an honor. Mr. Cowell." He nodded his head in approval writing something down. " Now do you fully understand what this job consists of?" "Yes, I'm fully aware " "You'll be traveling ..Running won't be easy." What? Traveling? I didn't ask him about that. I'd seem clueless. "I know sir. I came her for a challenge not something I can stomp over." I finished, smiling. Simon looked me over one more time. "Welcome to SYCO records, Harmony Starre. " Reaching out to shake my hand. YES! I GOT IT! **********★********** "So Harmony, do you have any musical experience?" "Well...I played violin for four years but stopped. Now I play guitar and sing a little." Simon was currently showing me around. I was of course intimidated by him at first but he actually is really chill. "That's good! Were going to need you to work with some of the artist anyway." Simon explained. "So this is where the studios are. You can go in them whenever. Just don't break anything. " "Then I probably shouldn't go in any of the rooms. Ill break everything by just stepping in the room." My little joke made Simon give a slight chuckle. Until we heard a girl voice yelling. "NIALL, STOP YOUR GOING TO MESS UP YOUR HAIR!" "C'mom Lou! Try it, it's fun!" "Yeah Lou! COME JUMP WITH US!" "ZAYN, STOP ENCOURAGING HIM!" I looked towards Simon. "I think its time for you to meet some of my artist. " He said. Simon started walking towards the room where the arguing was. I jogged behind Simon. Once he opened the door I saw five teenage boys and a middle aged women. "SIMOM! Thanks god your here! Niall and Zayn won't stop jumping everywhere!" The middle aged lady said. "Ha, don't worry Lou, I got this." So her name was Lou. "Niall, Zayn. Sit. I need to introduce you to my new intern." Simon looked my way giving me a small smile. The boys look my way finally noticing my presence. "Boys this is Harmony Starre. Harmony this is Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn. Known as One Direction." I gave a small wave, "Hi." Don't want to say anything stupid. "HELLO LOVE!" The one I think named Harry. Half screamed/yelled. The rest joined in with hellos and hi's. "Hi, my names Lou, Lou Teasdale. I'm the boys stylist. Nice to meet you." Lou said pulling me into an unexpected hug. "Hi, nice too meet you to." I said after pulling out of the hug. "So now that introductions are over," Simon clapped his hands together, " Lets talk business. " As Simon talked to the boys. I started examining them. They were all cute. Wait scratch that, they were gorgeous! Zayn had that dark, handsome look. Harry had that sexy cheeky look to him. Niall had that lost schoolboy look to him. Louis, I could tell was the silliest and Liam looked like the responsible one. I zoned back in the conversation when I heard my name. "So Harmony do you mind?" "Uhh, sorry. I didn't catch that " I said. "I was asking if it was alright with you if you stayed in the house that I own? It would be easier. If you want to stay in the hotel you can." Simon explained. "Oh! That's fine. I don't mind one bit." I told him. "Well then its settled. Boys when she arrives show her her room." Wait? They were going to be there. "Alright Simon! I got this. "Said Liam giving Simon a little salute. "Well I gotta go. Harmony, you start next week. I still have to fire my old intern. So ill call you on when to come in." Simon said standing up. He gave Lou and all the boys a hug bye and was surprised when he pulled me in one. "Bye Simon." We all chorused. Simon stepped out the room. Once he did the boys pounced. "So Harmony, that's a pretty name." "How old are you?" "Where you from?" "I see you have an American accent." "BOYS!" Yelled Lou. "Your overwhelming her. You'll have a long time to get to know her in the house. Now I have to go, Harmony there's a car out front for you. Boys there's a car for you to for the interview. Go!" Lou ordered. I shuffled out. Damn why am I so awkward! The boys run past me, "BYE HARMONY! " They all yelled running in there car. I gave them a small wave. Wow! I'm going to be staying with five sexy teenage boys for god knows how long. While I'm an emotional wreck! They'll think I'm a freak. I just need to put on the happy figure. Like I have for the past nine months. Ugh! I need a drink. I stepped in the car knowing what I'm doing once I get to the house. Time to drink my worrys away
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