Catch me, please?

I wanted it all to end...the hurt, lies... everything.

But nothing went away.... So I had to stop it myself...

Harmony Starren was in love.

She fell too easily for her own good. He said he loved her. But lied.

She couldn't take living day by day still loving him after he hurt her. So she had to go against gods will and stop the hurt herself.

But what will she think when she finds out that's not the end of her life?

That there's still another chapter to her story.

One that involves five boys. Five to which one she starts to fall for.

But is she ready to love again? How can she love again when the person who broke her is still in her mind constantly?

Can they repair the broken soul that has stumbled upon them?

"Catch me, please?"


4. Memory invade.

°°••°° Okayy uhh sorry guys for superrr late updates ....I kinda relapsed into depression so I've been stuck with therapy and then school on top of that with all these honor classes a lot to handle... ill try my best to update more often just bear with me. Love you xx :) ••°°•• "WELCOME!" I looked up to see Louis standing by the front door, " BOYS! Come help her get her bags. " "Oh, no there's no need I got it." I tried to explain. "Nonsense!" Liam jogs out the house and grabs three of my bags without breaking a sweat. "Woah girl! How many bags do you have?" Asked Niall as he grabbed a bag, along with the rest of the boys. I gave them a sheepish smile, "Uh, a lot." I followed the boys in. Liam jogs down stairs without my bags. "Follow me Harmony. Your rooms this way." Me and the boys followed Liam into what seemed to be my room but it being was a complete understatement. It was huge! A king sized bed, with an en suite. A walk in closet, flat screen, with a love seat couch. I sat there staring. "Cmon! Go look!" Zayn yelled pulling my arm. Ugh! Why did these boys have to yell all the time. My head still hurts from drinking last night. "Lets go guys. She needs to settle." Niall said seeing my discomfort. I gave them all a small smile and a wave. Wow. How come these boys still think I was normal? I haven't said more then ten words to them. Oh well, I might as well start unpacking. + + By the time I'm done unpacking its four in the afternoon. I decide to go and grab something to eat. I walked down stairs admiring the house. It was beautiful! Three story's, pool, nine bedrooms, all en suites. Big backyard and a built in recording studio. It was outstanding! Before I even see the boys I hear them. "NO! BRITNEY SPEARS IS BETTER!" "NOT A CHANCE! BEYONCE IS NUMBER ONE!" What the hell were they talking about. I walk into the the room where I heard them arguing. The game room. "BRITNEYS BEEN HERE LONGER!" "SO BUT BEYONCE HAS A BETTER VOICE!" So they were arguing about who was better, Britney Spears or Beyonce. A response left my mouth before I could stop myself. " Well, Beyonce is good but Britney's a legend! You can't deny that." I spoke. The boys look my way noticing my presence. "HA! HARMONY AGREES! SO YOUR POINT IS INVALID NOW!" Niall screamed getting in Harry's face. Harry sat there with a pout on his lips looking away. I started laughing. These boys were hilarious! "Come sit my fellow Britney lover! We can't have one of us standing. " Niall said waving me over. I walked over towards the couch sitting in the one seat open. Which was squished between Liam and Louis. I sat there watching the boys argue over whatever little thing passed their minds. Which seemed to be everything. "Macaroni has a specific taste to it that makes it the best food." Zayn said trying to sound posh and you can guess who he was arguing with. "But pizza can have MANY other taste! Not just cheese but pepperoni too! That's amazing! " Niall explained. These boys. I shook my head at their silly banter. "What's your opinion Harmony? Pizza or Macaroni? " Liam asked turning the attention on me. Before I had time to answer them my phone rang, " Uh, sorry boys but I need to take this. " I told them. After seeing a nod of approval I stepped out the room and answered the phone call without checking the caller ID. "Hello." "Oh my gosh! Harmony! I haven't talked to you in forever! Why haven't you called? You said -" I cut Jesse off before her tougne fell off. "Oops, sorry Jesse. I was just caught up in getting use to London. I got the internship so yeah." I was waiting for the squeals of her excitement for me getting the tiny job. "OH MY GOD! YOU GOT IT! AHHHH THATS AMAZING!" And there they were. I pulled the phone away from my ear. Gosh! This girl has a set of lungs on her. "Yeah, yeah. Thanks," I said with a small smirk. "And guess who I have to call my boss now?" I questioned her. She was a huge American Idol junkie until Simon left the show. She said it was just never the same. "Who? Tell me!" She asked being impatient. I gave her a few seconds to build the suspense," Simon Cowell." Those two words blew her up. "WHAT?! ARE YOU PLAYING WITH ME? PLEASE DONT BE JOKING! I-I I CANT BELIEVE IT!" She screamed in the phone. "Nope. Its true. "I said popping a 'p' with my lips. She was silent for a good minute. Until, I heard someone else grab the phone. "Hello?" They asked. "Uh, hello. Who is this?" "This is Lisa. It seems like Jesse handed me the phone she's speechless. She'll call you back later, ok hun." Lisa told me, she was one of the on duty nurses there. "Sure, tell her ill call her later." And without an answer Lisa hung up. I put the phone back in my pocket. I walked back into the room where the boys were. They all turned there head in my direction. (No pun intended hehe) I walked towards my seat and sat back down. "So Harmony since Britney Spears is the best. We were discussing our favorite song by her. What's yours?" Niall asked. Damn, this boy sure loved Britney. Without hesitation I answered,"Toxic, I know its old and predictable, but I guess it goes perfect with what I've faced and plus I've made plenty of covers of that song." The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them. "OOOOO! You sing?! Can we hear it?" Louis asked. All the boys nodded with Louis. "Uhh, I don't know .... I'm not even that good." I told them trying to get out of it. "C'mon, pleaseee you can't be THAT bad!" Harry begged me. I looked towards the boys begging eyes. I don't want to embarrass myself. I start to fiddle with my fingers, trying to avoid their eyes. I heard a cough and an Irish voice spoke, " Don't worry, love. You don't have too." Niall told me placing a hand over my twitching ones. I looked up and gave him a thankful smile. "You don't have to now, babe. Whenever your ready." Harry added with a wink. Such a flirt. I giggled and stood up. "Wait! Where are you going? Stay!" Niall questioned me. "I'm coming right back, I'm just starving! So I'm getting something to eat." I told the lad. He looked relieved after I told him my plans. "Why don't I help you." He offered. "Oh no! You don't have too!" I said trying to push him down. I don't need help getting food. "Don't worry. Me and the boys are starving too. How about Chinese?" He asked me standing up grabbing his car keys and slipping on his shoes before I could object. "Uh...sure." I said these boys are really persistent. "The usual lads?" Niall asked them. They all nodded with agreement and with that we were stepping out to his black Range Rover. But before we shut the door we heard wolf whistles. These boys are going to be the death of me, I swear. + + "Ill have an order of Orange Chicken." I told the cashier after Niall ordered what the boys wanted, which was a lot. "Is that it?" She asked. "Yup." I finished, fishing a money out of my pocket but was stopped with a pair of pale warm hands. "I've got this, love." Niall told me pulling out the money from his own wallet. "Niall, I can't let you pay for that." I'm not going to let someone I barely know pay for me. "Harm, Let me pay. I WANT to pay. A gentleman always pays." He ended with a smirk. He handed the lady his money and pulled me to sit down while we waited for the food. "Ill pay you back, Niall." I promised him. I feel like I owe people if they pay something for me, and I hate that feeling. "As I say again. I wanted to pay. No need to pay me back." Ill make sure I find a way to pay him back. "Fine." I sighed in defeat. After our little conflict it became silent, it wasn't an awkward silence. It was comfortable. But Nialls ringtone breaks the silence. " BABY YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE. THE WAY YOU FLIP YOUR HAIR GETS ME OVERWHEL-" He answers it without a second glance at the caller I.d. I sat their laughing at his ringtone. "Yeah." "Were waiting now." "About 20 minutes." "Yup, ok bye Liam." And he hung up. So it was Liam. "That was Liam, checking up on us." He looked at me seeing that I was laughing. "What ya' laughing about?" He asked a grin forming on his lips. I couldn't take it. I fell on the ground clutching my stomach from laughing, "Yo-your rin-ington! Oh my god! Haha!" I told him. When I told him he started laughing also. "Hey! Our musics catchy." He tried to defend but ended up falling over with laughter like it did. After we regained ourselfs. We sat up letting out little chuckles but keeping calm. "Its catchy, I have to admit that." I told him. Its been a while since I've laughed like that, but with Niall it was like I never stopped. It almost reminded me of when I used to laugh like that with Chris. As the name passes my mind, memorys start flashing past too. At first the good ones, our first kiss, first date, first 'I love you' but was soon was replaced with the bad ones, the first fight, first insult, first hit. It feels like someones hit me in my gut, believe me I know the feeling, all the wind has left my lungs and I just sat their trying to regain my breath. Forgetting that Niall was there, he waved a hand in front of my face. I zoned out. "Harm, are you okay?" He asked with concern on his face. "Uh...... yeah... I was just lost in thought I guess." I said trying to lift a smile on my face but failed. "Are you sure? You wanna talk about it?" He pestered. I told no one and I plan not too. I nodded my head reassuring that I was fine. "Yeah I'm okay. I'm just going to use the bathroom. " I told him. He gave me an uneasy nod and I left towards the restroom. Once I walked in I splashed cold water on my face. These flashes of my memory are coming more frequent. And it was putting me on edge. I took out my anxiety pills and scoffed two down without water. The scraping sensation caused by the raw on my throat was welcomed. I stared at my reflection, my eyes wondering towards the scar right above my right eyebrow. I touched it with the tips of my finger and the memories rushed back, **FLASHBACK** "Babe! I'm here." I called out to my boyfriend. He told me to come over earlier so we could have a movie night. I agreed of course. I had a key to his house, so i went in on my own. "Hello? Chris are you here?" I was listening for a response but his voice never came. So I walked to the kitchen and placed down the snacks I bought for tonight. I was stopped short when I heard a moan. I set everything down and walked towards the source of noise. I heard another moan, it was louder this time. What the hell? I was outside the room that the noises were emitting from. Chris's room. I placed my ear on the door and listened. "Fa-faster! Oh my god Chris!" I heard a female voice say with a strained voice. I heard a few grunts in response to her pleas. It can't be. "Chris! I'm about to-" and a strangled yell filled my ears. Signaling that they've reached their climax. He was cheating on me. I couldn't believe it. I had to see it for myself. So I pushed the door open on impulse. And my suspicions were right. There I saw Chris putting his pants on, still shirtless, while a petite blonde was laying naked on his bed. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" I screamed. I didn't even know what I was doing when I did it. I walked up to the blonde bimbo and grabbed her by her hair and threw her off the bed. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" I screamed again but in her face. She looked stunned by my actions and just shot up putting her clothes on. "WHAT THE HELL HARMONY? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Amy? Are you alright?" He asked the girl. What? Was he really trying to play victim? "WHAT IM DOING? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? OH NO DONT ANSWER THAT CAUSE WHAT YOUR DOING IS OBVIOUS! YOUR CHEATING ON ME WITH THIS SLUT!" I yelled stepping up in his face. Slapping him. I regretted it once I did it. I knew what was going to happen now. He stared at me like I've gone pshyco and then pulled his hand back and punched me in the face. Its not the first time he's hit me. But it never was a punch. Maybe like a slap or push but never this. Instead of stopping their he got on top of me and started punching me repeatedly. "FUCKING SLUT. HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT ME! DUMB BITCH." He kept throwing cuss words until I lost count. I tried to fight back but that just made his hits harder. I felt on the urge of passing out from his blows wishing it would stop. "Chris! Get off. You've done enough." Amy said grabbing his arm and pulling him back. I crawled away, trying to get as far as possible from him. But not before he sent one final blow right above my right eyebrow. I felt blood finally trickle over my face. I could taste the salty metallic taste in my mouth. I looked at Chris tears coming down my face and he was staring at me. I didn't know what to do so I did what any one did. I ran. I tripped a few times running out his house and finally got in my car. Driving off. My vison started to blur and black dots were consuming it. So I pulled over and waited for death, or I thought, to overcome me. ** FLASHBACK OVER** The memory came and went at a blink of an eye. Why was I so stupid? The worse about it is that I went back to him after that. I loved him. I set my hand down from the scar and took a final glance at myself before leaving the restroom. * NIALLS POV * This girl! She is beautiful, even when she's doubled over on the ground laughing at me. I couldn't help but laugh too. It was kinda silly to have my own song as a ringtone. "Hey! Our musics catchy!" I said still laughing. I end up doing the same thing she's doing. We legit sit their for a good ten minutes laughing. Her laugh was music itself. Sounding like bells chiming. As we recovered from our laughing fest she agreed to my statement, "It's catchy, I have to admit that." She told me smiling. I look over towards her staring at her features. She had a dimple in her right cheek, bright green eyes with specks of blue in them. They were beautiful. The she didnt cake unnecessary makeup on, how her hair cascaded her face so elegantly. She was beautiful. As I watch her a bit more I see her smile falter, turning into a frown. Her eyes looked like they were somewhere else. I decided to start a conversation, "Harmony?" I asked her, hoping to grab her attention. But it didn't, she was still staring off. I waved my hand in her face finally getting her attention, "Harm, are you okay?" I asked her. She looked worried, like she got caught doing something bad. "Uh...... yeah... I was just lost in thought I guess." She told me putting a forced smile on her face but it soon fell. "Are you sure? You wanna talk about it?" I asked her she seemed really upset over what she was thinking. Did I do something wrong? No I couldn't have. She gave me a nod trying to calm my worries, "Yeah I'm okay. I'm just going to use the bathroom. " I gave her slow nod as I watched her walk in the bathroom. Something was wrong. The broken look on her face proved it. I sat their for god knows how long thinking of what I could of done wrong. "Sir, here's your food." The cashier told me. Placing the food on the counter. I walked up and grabbed the food. I hear the bathroom door open. She's been in their a while. She walked over to me smiling a fake smile and we thanked the lady and walked out towards the car. We sat in complete silence the whole ride home. Just the radio in the background to make it less awkward. Once we got home she immediately hopped out and went to the front door and went inside leaving it open for me. I grabbed the food and walked inside and was mobbed by the four boys that I call my brothers. As soon as the food was given to the right person Harmony grabbed hers and started walking upstairs. "Wait! Aren't you going to eat with us?" Liam asked her. She gave him a quick nod and said, "No I have to call someone also. So I'm just going to eat up here." She told us leaving with a small smile. I sighed and sat down on the couch next to Zayn. "What did you do Niall?" Zayn suddenly asked me. All the other boys nodded in agreement. What? "I didn't do anything! I swear." I exclaimed. They seemed to believe me so they let it go. No need to jump to conclusion. But I couldn't help but think it was my fault why she wasn't eating with us. We ate and watched t.v for a bit longer and when I glanced up at the clock I saw that it was eleven o'clock. "Well lads, I'm knackered. I'm headed to bed." I told them jogging upstairs. I heard them mumble a few goodnights. I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep with this guilty conscious. When I stepped in my room I jumped right on my bed welcoming the comfort of the bed. When I landed I came face first with a piece of paper. Hmm? I sat up on my bed and took the paper and noticed some money stapled to it. The note said "Niall, I feel guilty if I take your money. So here goes what I owe you. I told you I was going to pay you back haha :) Night xx   - Harmony <3 P.s. Keep the ringtone. "   A smile reached across my whole face. She wasn't mad at me, if she was she wouldn't of been joking in the note. I laid the note on my nightstand kicking my shoes off and changing into just my boxers, while doing this with a stupid grin on my face. I laid down in bed wanting sleep to overcome me so I can dream of this wonderful girl. This girl was different. Different and broken. It was pretty obvious that she had some inner demons that she needed to overcome. And I was determined to help. I'm going to fix her.
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