Catch me, please?

I wanted it all to end...the hurt, lies... everything.

But nothing went away.... So I had to stop it myself...

Harmony Starren was in love.

She fell too easily for her own good. He said he loved her. But lied.

She couldn't take living day by day still loving him after he hurt her. So she had to go against gods will and stop the hurt herself.

But what will she think when she finds out that's not the end of her life?

That there's still another chapter to her story.

One that involves five boys. Five to which one she starts to fall for.

But is she ready to love again? How can she love again when the person who broke her is still in her mind constantly?

Can they repair the broken soul that has stumbled upon them?

"Catch me, please?"


1. Goodbye ...

The bottles open... The tears are falling ....Guitar in my hands as the lyrics roll off my tounge. "Before I fall to fast kiss me quick but make it last..." It's over.... "So I can see how badly this will hurt me when you say goodbye...." It did...But it won't anymore. " Keep it sweet keep it slow. Let the future pass and don't let go..." He let go.....Let go and left me.. "But tonight I could fall to soon into this beautiful moonlight." I'm alone... He said I would never be... "But your so hypnotizing you got me laughing while I sing..." The laughter is gone.....Everything is gone... " You've got me smiling in my sleep and I can see this unraveling your love is where I'm falling..." I was falling....hard.. " but please don't catch me .." He gave up.... So now I was... "See this heart won't settle down like a child running scared from a clown....." My heart is still.... soon to have nothing ...not even a beat.. "I'm terrified of what you do. My stomach screams just when I look at you...." I was in love... You weren't.... "Run far away so I can breath even though your far from suffocating Me...." I was afraid to love you..... But I thought you were different... "I can't set my hopes to high up cause every hello ends with a goodbye..." This was my goodbye..... "But your so hypnotizing you got me laughing while I sing. You've got me smiling in my sleep..." ..... I believed you.... "and I can see this unraveling your love is where I'm falling..." The endless tears I've shed for you.... it was all going to end now. "but please don't catch me..." My vision starts to memories of you leaving... "So now you see why I'm scared I can open my heart without a care.... " My voice becoming distant.... "But here I go its what I feel and for the first time in my life I know.." I see black dots forming.... " its real..." It wasn't real... " But your so hypnotizing you got me laughing while I sing. You've got me smiling in my sleep ...." The guitar fell out of my hands...Falling noisily next to me.. "and I can see this unraveling your love is where I'm falling so please don't catch me..." The words kept flowing out... "If this is love please don't break me...." I'm broken...beyond repair... " I'm giving up so just.." Ive gave up... "catch me..." But no one was here to catch me.... The black dots in my vision overcoming me... The last thing I see is the bottle of pills I've just consumed..... and the picture of him that I can't seem to get rid of. I take one last glance at this world... " Goodbye...." ~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey! So this book will have a lot of songs. None of which I've written. I take no credit for ANY song! Ill be using A LOT of Demi Lovato..... So yeah. Message me on Twitter @SavannaMathena
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