Catch me, please?

I wanted it all to end...the hurt, lies... everything.

But nothing went away.... So I had to stop it myself...

Harmony Starren was in love.

She fell too easily for her own good. He said he loved her. But lied.

She couldn't take living day by day still loving him after he hurt her. So she had to go against gods will and stop the hurt herself.

But what will she think when she finds out that's not the end of her life?

That there's still another chapter to her story.

One that involves five boys. Five to which one she starts to fall for.

But is she ready to love again? How can she love again when the person who broke her is still in her mind constantly?

Can they repair the broken soul that has stumbled upon them?

"Catch me, please?"


2. Every goodbye starts with a hello.

"Why would she do this?" Why am I hearing voices? Is this what comes after death? "I don't know Mrs. Starren? Were just going to have to wait until she wakes up." What? Whos talking? And why does someone have the same last name as me? "Please, Harmony. Wake up." Wait that's my moms voice. Why is she here? I was contemplating what was going on until I felt something squeeze my hand. My eyes flutter open to the sudden touch. "Shit, why is this place so bright?" I said quickly closing my eyes again. Wherever the hell I was why can't they turn a damn light off. "OH MY GOD! HARMONY! BABY YOUR AWAKE! JAMES SHES AWAKE!" I opened my eyes slowly. "Where am I?" I had to find out. "Honey, your in the hospital. Your okay now." I shot out of my mother's grasp. WHAT THE HELL?! IM NOT DEAD! "WHAT?! WHY AM I HERE?" I screamed in my mothers face ripping all the cords and wires they've attached to me body. "WHY AREN'T I DEAD?!" I screamed again not caring about my mothers crying figure. I try to run out the room but I'm trapped by two arms holding me. "Harmony, stop! MARY CALL THE DOCTOR! " Damn my dad! Why can't he just let me go!? "LET ME GO NOW! I DONT WANNA BE HERE!" I yelled. I couldnt help but let the tears overcome me. I don't wanna live in this word. A sickening place where there's no happy ending. "PLEASE! KILL ME! KILL ME NOW! I CANT TAKE IT!" I fell on the floor. My dad lets me fall and runs to get help. "Honey, please stop. We love you. You can't leave us." My mother's word breaking me even more inside. Yeah, you love me now but how about later. You'll leave me like he did. I stand up as I see the rush of doctors and nurses rushing towards my room. " I can't...I just.. Bye mom.." I said as I ran out the room but being tackled seconds later and having something stuck in my arm. "LET ME GO! LEAVE ME BE! I JUST WANNA DIE!" Were the last words I said before the familiar black dots overcame my vision. ~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEEP BEEP. What is that noise? BEEP BEEP. I open my eyes. I look around trying to sit up but seeing that I was restrained. "Fuck!" I hate everything! I sat back and stared at the ceiling. So many questions running through my head. I see a big figure at the corner of my eye walk in the room. "Harmony, my names Doctor Miguel. Are you feeling okay?" The doctor asked me. "Well, hell, I'm not fucking okay! You have me chained like a fucking dog!" I yelled. What a fucking dick! "We have you like this so you won't run. Can you promise not to run and ill take it off." He said slowly, talking to me like a was a fucking retard. "Yeah. I promise. Now untie me, dick." I said. Feeling more trapped. The doctor untied me and stood near me a few seconds to see if I would run. After he saw that i wasnt going to run he took a step back. "Harmony, can I know why you tried to commit suicide? " The doctor asked. Damn, this man went straight to the point. "I couldn't take it." I said, fiddling with me thumbs. Why was I so nervous now? "Couldn't take what Harmony? Your parents? Work? " He said being very persistent. "EVERYTHING! OK!" I screamed. As I say this I see my parents walk in. "Harmony. Hun. Are you okay?" My mother asked. "Obviously not. " I scoffed. I turned to look at my mom and saw a look of rage on her face. "Mom, dad can you just leave? I don't wanna se--" I was interrupted by my mother's scream. "WHAT THE HELL? LEAVE! I'VE BEEN CRYING MY EYES OUT FOR DAYS FOR YOU AND ALL YOU TELL ME IS TOO LEAVE!" My mother yelled, fuming. "Mary, calm down." My dad interjected. "SHUT THE FUCK UP JAMES!" That's the first time I've heard my mom cuss towards my dad. I was about to talk when my mom cut me off again. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO WALK IN YOUR DAUGHTERS ROOM TO SEE HER ON THE FLOOR. DEAD. HMM HARMONY!? NO YOU FUCKING DONT! DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO WATCH YOUR DAUGHTER SCREAMING TO DIE! AGAIN YOU FUCKING DONT! SO YOU KNOW WHAT HARMONY. SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET US BE HERE!" My mom ranted. " AND YOU KNOW WHAT?! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG BUT YOU CANT LOCK THEM INSIDE. CANT OPT OUT AND LEAVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU HERE WONDERING WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG! OK HARMONY! WE FUCKING LOVE YOU AND NOTHING'S GOING TO MAKE US LEAVE THIS ROOM!" My mother breathed, still giving me a glare. I breathed a deep sigh, " Fine, just please be quiet. " "Okay." My mother breathed a sigh. Her rage has subsided. "Now Harmony, can you clarify on 'everything' . What do you mean by that." Ugh, I forgot about the doctor. " Just everything the world had to offer. The hurt, the pain, the...." my voice hitting a whisper. "Harmony, please look at me." My mom's voice suddenly sending comfort over me. I looked up at her eyes. " Was it because of Chris? Did he hurt you?" That was it. That's all she needed to say before I broken sob broke through my mouth and tears rolled down my face. "Mom..he..he..-" I couldn't finish my sentence. My mom engulfed me in a hug telling me words of comfort. I didn't even notice when the doctor left the room or when my dad joined our hug. But I didn't care. I let all the hurt and pain that I felt out through my tears, which seemed to be just an endless stream. It seemed like hours until I pulled back from my parents embrace. "Mom, dad. I'm so sorry-y." I started hiccuping. " I shouldn't of-f done that-t. I just didn't-t know another w-way out." My mom squeezed my hand, "James, can you get us some food I'm sure Harms hungry." She said using my nickname. As soon as my dad left she continued speaking. "Harmony, you don't have to explain anything now, but I just wanted to tell you that I love you. And nothing or anyone should make you think otherwise. People love you. Just don't try to leave me again." My mom said her voice cracking a bit. That's when I realized that I was selfish. Killing myself was not the way whatsoever. But it still hurt. It did. "Mom, Take me home please? I wanna go home." My mom smiled then said, "Yeah let me talk to the doctor." She left the room. I closed my eyes. And sang the lyrics softly before letting sleep take over. I was awfully tired. "Don't you worry cause everything gonna be alright..." I hope those lyrics were true. ~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1D will be in the next chapter so don't worry sexy readers ;) - Savannah
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