Paris & Parsnips

Austin has a concert in Paris and when they get there Austin spends all his time with Dez or a new girl named Bella which makes Ally jealous Trish gets a job as a parsnip


1. Trips & Ticks

Jimmy walks into Sonic Boom 

Jimmy: Austin I've got some good news

Austin: they have giant pancakes! 

Jimmy: no your playing a concert in Paris

Austin faints 

Ally: yeah he does that sometimes 

Jimmy: you leave tomorrow *hands her 5 plane tickets* 

Ally: thanks 

Jimmy leaves

Ally: Austin! Wake up! 

Austin pops up 

Austin: oh yeah we're headed for Paris  

Trish walks in 

Trish: guess who got a job at parsnip palace 

Adam walks in 

Adam: some girl wearing a parsnip costume threw a rock at me 

Trish: oh hey sorry  

Adam: evil little parsnip 

Trish: TERD 

Ally: okay enough guys we're going to Paris 

Trish & Adam; Awesome!

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