Paris & Parsnips

Austin has a concert in Paris and when they get there Austin spends all his time with Dez or a new girl named Bella which makes Ally jealous Trish gets a job as a parsnip


4. Scared & Sorry

Ally knocks on Austin's door 

he opens it he's only wearing is pajama pants his eyes are red and puffy

Ally: Austin....

Austin: did you come to say bye 

Ally: no I came to say that I'm sorry 

He pulls her into a hug 

Austin: I thought I lost you forever 

Ally: no I got way to mad it was dumb

they let go 

Ally: and also I'm scared 

Austin: Ally I know your afraid to sleep any where that isn't home but you gotta forgive him for what he did to you

Ally: okay.. I'll go

She starts to walk away but he grabs her arm

Austin: maybe just for tonight 

Ally: thank you

they get in his bed she barries her face in his chest he puts his arms around her 

Austin: Ally 

Ally: yeah

Austin: does this mean..

Ally: does this mean what 

Austin: we're getting back together 


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