Paris & Parsnips

Austin has a concert in Paris and when they get there Austin spends all his time with Dez or a new girl named Bella which makes Ally jealous Trish gets a job as a parsnip


2. Planes & Plans

On the plane 

Adam: Ugh Trish stop snoring 

Trish: that's not me 

Adam: Ugh Dez stop snoring 

Dez snores again 

Trish: DEZ SHUT UP *slaps him* 

Goes to Austin and Ally 

Ally: what should we do when we get to Paris 

Austin: lets go see the Eiffel Tower 

Ally: yeah! Well I'm gonna sleep

Ally goes to sleep 

the lady siting next to Austin 

Bella: hey I'm Bella

Austin: I'm Austin 

Bella: is that your girlfriend 

Austin: no we broke up but we're still good friends 

Bella: that's cool 

Austin: yep 

Bella: I have to go to the bathroom 

she leaves 

Austin notices Ally is sleeping on his shoulder

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