Bless the Broken Road

This is Padfoot and Prong's entry for the Historical fiction contest. (Mostly Prongs, though). Hope you like it!!! :)


2. Wednesday, March 26 1941

Dear Diary,


Shocking news. I can't believe it. They are making the Jews in London wear the stars. The star of David. And I figured out why Lindsay wasn't there two days ago.


She's Jewish.



Now, I don't find it a bad thing. Not one little bit. Tessah-Mae's parents do though. They think that those people are horrid. I think that they are over re-acting. Tessah-Mae is German. Lindsay is Jewish. I'm stuck inbetween this war, again. It was bad enough that the war is happening, it's worse that they are trying to separate the three of us. How could someone, some people do something like this to us! Especially children! I couldn't believe it! I tried to tell Lindsay to tell her parents that this was wrong and that it was cruelty and that Tessah-Mae, wouldn't do anything to their family. Hard to speak for Tessah-Mae's parents though. They are always drunk and smoking and being nuisances to society.


"When the world turns their back on you, you turn the other cheek." That's what Eric told me today. He is 18 years old. He said that Dad would come home soon. He told me to stay strong. When will this war end?



With love,



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