Bless the Broken Road

This is Padfoot and Prong's entry for the Historical fiction contest. (Mostly Prongs, though). Hope you like it!!! :)


3. Wednesday, March 26 1941( later)

Dear Diary,


Thomas (my brother), is terribly sick. He was working all day at the war office and he ran himself down. He has a fever and is sweating like a pig. Eric is trying to entertain him, but it isn't working at all. Thomas is 20 years old. Oh dear diary, what shall I do! We have phoned Tessah-Mae's mom for remedies, and Sayrah's dad for medical advice. Sayrah came over with Tessah-Mae today and she took a look at Thomas. She said that it is the flu and that we should try our best to eat well and not expose ourselves to cold weather in our undergarments.

"Well, which one of us would do that?" Eric and Samuel (who is 15) asked at the same time. I laughed so hard because Sayrah gave them a dirty look. It's amazing what your friends can do for you. Especially when your mother has been gone since you were born......



That is all I can tell you for now, I'm going snow-shoeing with Sayrah, Tessah-Mae and Lindsay.


With Love(again),




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