Bless the Broken Road

This is Padfoot and Prong's entry for the Historical fiction contest. (Mostly Prongs, though). Hope you like it!!! :)


7. Tuesday, April 8, 1941

Dear Diary,


I honestly dont know what to say or how to describe the next events to you. Germans have invaded London! And  LINDSAY IS GONE!!!! They took Lindsay! I can't believe it! I heard the news from Tessah-Mae, who heard it from Sayrah, who was told by Lindsay herself.

"She said 'They are taking us away from here for a bit. Mama told me that it's nothing to be worried about.' And just like that they were gone! Gone, I tell you, GONE!" Tessah-Mae screamed the words out as she started to bawl again. We made our way over to Sayrah's house. Her mom offered us some cookies. She apologized that they tasted bland for we have a sugar limitation and have to save up cupons to get goods like that. Sayrah's mom said everything was going to be fine.


I don't know what to do, unless waiting and hoping counts as an idea.


With love (from a scared, frightful and hopeful girl),



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