Bless the Broken Road

This is Padfoot and Prong's entry for the Historical fiction contest. (Mostly Prongs, though). Hope you like it!!! :)


6. Saturday, April 5, 1941 (later)

Dear Diary,


I don't remember what happened. I just remember waking up to being surrounded by Thomas, Eric, Samuel, and Mark (he is 17). I thought that I was okay so I tried to sit up. My head pounded as I became clearer of my surroundings. Also, Jason was here. Why was Jason here? I asked myself.  This is the story I tried to piece together.



I was walking down the road to the entrance of the forest. Jason came and started to walk with me. He said that Tessah-Mae was trying too hard to impress him. He knows that she fancies him, and he wanted to talk about it with me. While we were talking, we started to climbing the trees. I got really high, Jason had told me. And then I fell. I fell. How embarrasing is that? Anyways, I fell really hard on my way down. Jason said that he raced down to get me, but someone was already there. He noticed that there was an emblem on his arm. Jason said that he realised that it was the Swatiska sign that the Nazi's use. Jason screamed, very loud and attracted the attention of an officer patroling the area. Jason said that there was something different about the officer. After he killed the man -with details I will gladly not mention, even though they were gruesomly described to me, he came back to help us. Well, to help Jason help me. I was apparently knocked out cold for this entire time. The officer - as Jason said, was different. He had an accent. He told him that he was from Canada. I once met a Canadian once, and what strange accents that they have. Anyways, I was brought here and now you are caught up to the minute.




Thomas was working on the car out back, he told me, when he heard the truck come near our house. He thought that it was Eric's mates, so he went to go and yell at them. And after he saw me...... well you get the picture. I was warned to NEVER go back into the forest, for fear of enemy lines. I was really scared, when and while this happened. Even these events aren't done. Eric and Mark were called off work early, due to our little family crisis.


Lesson learned: Never go climbing trees during War time, for you might just pull a Lindsay. Or a me. Whichever is more relevent.


With Love (and a terrible headache),



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