summer in London

charlotte wasn't the popular girl in school but she wasn't shy either.her best friend glorimar and her have been childhood friends, they did most of the things together, they took dance lessons together when they both were 6 years old, they worked in a ice cream shop togehter and sence they were seniors they were going to graduate together.. charlotte always wanted to go london and as a present for graduating and having good grades her mom and glorimar's mom bought them two tickets to spend the hole summer in london, hoping they would meet one direction. one day they wen't shoping and both of them bought a short summer dress. after shoping they decided to go for a walk in the park to take some fresh air.. what they didn't know is that they're life's were about to change when they bumped into one direction and harry notices charlotte.
first time doing this hope you guys like it, comment and like so i can see what you guys think thanks!;)


4. waking up next to harry

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up and saw Charlotte sleeping, she looked so beautiful and peaceful and i couldn't help but to kiss her lightly on the lips, and  she smiled. with that she woke up, hey beautiful i said, hey she said and gave her another kiss and she blushed. we sat up and she asked what time is it, i told her it was 10:30am.

Charlotte's P.O.V

I wake up by someone kissing me, i opened my eyes to see harry. i sit up and so did harry, i scratched my eyes to see were we where.

i look around to see that we where on his  bed, i gave harry a weird look and he said what?, weren't we on the couch i said, yeah but then i woke up and turned off the TV and you where still sleeping so i carried you to my room he said smiling at me.

oh OK i said what time is it i asked, 10:30 he said. Shit! i have to go, he gave me puppy eyes and said stay with me for a little while patting the empty space near him. sorry but i have to go but I'll text or call you Kay bye and gave him a peck on the lips.

but then i remembered that his flat is far from my hotel, i went back and said to him that he had to take me back to the hotel, he said ok.he got out of bed and when i saw he was naked.

AHH!! i screamed he covered his parts and i covered my eyes he put hes trousers on and said i could look now. he started to laugh because i was blushing, i asked him if he slept like that with me last night he smirked and said yeah. i gave him a glare and he said what? you liked it don't deny it i smirked at him and giggled.

common get ready i said he got ready and he put on a plain white t-shirt and black skinny jeans. we headed out and it was a 15 minute ride. we got to the hotel and i gave him a quick peck on the lips and said our goodbyes.

i got in the loby and went in an elevator pushed the number 3 and went to my room. i was shocked at what i saw, i saw niall and glori naked in her bed. i thought to my self so that's what he meant when he said "private tour".

i got out of the room as quiet as posible and decided to call harry, he answered quickly and he said miss me already yeah how did you know i said playing along, we both laughed and i said that i left my room because i saw niall and glori naked in her bed. oh okay he said laughing want me to pick you up he asked, that's why i was calling you.

ok i'm on my way he said  kay bye i said.

sorry this chapter is short but im really busy with exams i have three this week, please please comment and like to see what you guys think thank you :)

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