summer in London

charlotte wasn't the popular girl in school but she wasn't shy either.her best friend glorimar and her have been childhood friends, they did most of the things together, they took dance lessons together when they both were 6 years old, they worked in a ice cream shop togehter and sence they were seniors they were going to graduate together.. charlotte always wanted to go london and as a present for graduating and having good grades her mom and glorimar's mom bought them two tickets to spend the hole summer in london, hoping they would meet one direction. one day they wen't shoping and both of them bought a short summer dress. after shoping they decided to go for a walk in the park to take some fresh air.. what they didn't know is that they're life's were about to change when they bumped into one direction and harry notices charlotte.
first time doing this hope you guys like it, comment and like so i can see what you guys think thanks!;)


5. meeting the boys properly

after a few minutes harry got here, i got in the car and gave him a peck on the lips and said so what do you want to do. i don't know how about i take you out in an official date, sounds good i said.

lets have dinner where do you want to go he asked me, Nandos you like Nandos too he said yeah why, Niall loves them too really i said. i giggled and said o well guess we have something in common, we got there and they sat us down quickly.

the waitress came and said oh hey harry want the usual he said yes and thanks then she asked me and i said that i wanted 5 chicken wings corn on the cob and some curly fries with soda.

with that the waitress left, harry started to laugh and i said what? he managed to say its just that Niall orders the same thing. we decided to play 21 questions to know more about us, in the middle of the game i got two texts one was from Glori it said: missing u, have a lot to tell you c ya later at the hotel and the other one was from Eleanor and it said: hey wanna hang out tomorrow with me and the girls you can bring your friend.

i replied and said: sure at what time, she said at 11:30am so we can go shopping i said okay and putted the phone away and returned to harry. he asked who was that on the phone and i told him it was Glori and Eleanor, oh OK with that we finished the game we finished eating and decided to go to the park.

we were walking holding hands and eating ice cream, when suddenly paparazzi came. Harry took my hand and grabbed me by the waist and we started walking really fast, some paparazzi where asking who is she harry is this your new girlfriend?.

he holded me tighter by the waist, we finally got out of there and in the car and i could hear harry mumbling something whats wrong i asked him he said that those fucking paparazzi wouldn't live him alone.

i tried calming him down but he was really pissed and i didn't succeed, so i did what i thought of first i crashed my lips with him and the kiss got deeper and passionate and it was heating up.

i moved away to breath and we started to laugh and i said, so this is the only way i can calm you down. i wouldn't mind he said with a smirk on his face, i gave him a peck on the lips and he turned on the engine of his car and started driving. we got to his flat and all of the boys were there. we got in and harry introduced me properly.

Zayn's P.O.V

  me and the lads where at Harry's flat to give him a surprise visit, it was Louis idea sence they shared the house. we've been waiting for harry 15 minutes now and we got bored and decided to play twister. it was was me and Liam at the end, i was about to win when harry walked in the houses with a girl with him she seemed familiar, then i remembered it was that girl from the park that night. all of us got up quickly and said hi to her, Niall quickly went and hugged her. she laughed and whispered something to him which made him blush and look down at the floor.

Niall's P.O.V

we where playing twister and harry came in with Charlotte, we quickly got up and said hi to them. then i hugged Charlotte when she whispered something in my ear, she said she saw me and Glorimar in her bed this morning. when she said that my cheek's were burning from the embarrassment i felt, i look down at the floor and said to her you saw that and nodded.

Charlotte's P.O.V

all of the boy's said hi and Niall gave me a hug, and i decided to tell what i saw this morning he was blushing like crazy and said to me you saw that and inodded. then harry went and told niall what i told him right now and added you go niall. i giggled at harry's comment on niall,we all sat down on the couch and i sat on harry's lap. after two hours and a half harry droveme back to the hotel because i told him that glori and i had some catching up to do he said ok.

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