summer in London

charlotte wasn't the popular girl in school but she wasn't shy either.her best friend glorimar and her have been childhood friends, they did most of the things together, they took dance lessons together when they both were 6 years old, they worked in a ice cream shop togehter and sence they were seniors they were going to graduate together.. charlotte always wanted to go london and as a present for graduating and having good grades her mom and glorimar's mom bought them two tickets to spend the hole summer in london, hoping they would meet one direction. one day they wen't shoping and both of them bought a short summer dress. after shoping they decided to go for a walk in the park to take some fresh air.. what they didn't know is that they're life's were about to change when they bumped into one direction and harry notices charlotte.
first time doing this hope you guys like it, comment and like so i can see what you guys think thanks!;)


1. Graduation


the alarm clock,I hated it but it didn't bother me not today because i was too exited to graduate with Glorimar. rwe have been looking foward to this day sence we were in7th grade.

I finished washing my mouth and i was infront of my closet deciding what to wear. Iknow what you're thinking that i've been waiting for this day and never decided what to wear.

so finally i decided to go with a pink pastel color short strapless dress and some high heels about the same color as the dress and glorimar wore short dress that was silver on the top and white on the bottom with some silver shoes we both had medium long brown wavy hair so we did the same with our hair, my eyes were light brown and glorimar's eyes were hazel.

we decided to do a fish braid, after that we did our makeup wich wasn't that fancy it was regular makeup and head down stairs.our mom's were waiting for us they took some photos and headed to school.

we got to school and ashley and her crew gave us dirty looks, we ignored them cause we where to happy to care. Pricipal figgins started to welcome everyone.

after like an hour or two it was time to give the diplomas and i was the th one on the list and next wen't glorimar. we gave our speech and so did everyone else, we all threw our hats in the air and we were oficially graduated yey!. after the graduation our mom's and us went for dinner to celebrate. glori(thats what i call her) and i noticed our mom's laughing and giggling to much, finally they told us that they had a suprise for us. when they showed us the tickets to spend the hole summer in london we both screamed of eximent, we couldn't wait.

three days later:

I woke up and to be honest i couldn't sleep, all i had in my mind was me and glori in london for the summer. I got out of bed and wen't to the bathroom, I washed my mouth really quick.

I got dressed and put on my favorite high wasted shorts with a white shirt that says free spirit, my black and pink vans and i put my hair messy bun. after that i put on my regular makeup you k now mascara eyeliner and lipgloss.

I finished and i was an hour early it was 10:30am and the and the flight leaves at 11:35am.I  head down stairs and see my mom making breakfast.she made egg's and bacon with two sausages on the side,you gotta love her.We finished eating at exacly 10:45am and got ready to go to the airport and meet glori and her mom there.

we arrived at the airport and to our luck saw glori and her mom really quick, we had some time to spare so we bought stuff for the flight mostly junk food and magazines after all we had our phones and laptop's. we quickly paid the cashier and headed to our flight, we passed security and said our goodbyes.Me and Glori were heading to our flight when we heard our flight was boarding, yes right on time i thought to my self.

We entered the plane and luckly my seat was next to the window and next to me was glori. we turned off our phones and started to talk about where were we going to be staying at, wich was a hotel well known in london, our room was 168B and it was on the third floor. then we started to talk about One Direction and what if we meet them or something but ofcourse that couldn't happen i thought to my self.

Glori kept saying that she loves niall and that if she see's him she would die,she really fancied him and i as well couldn't stop talking about Harry, i mean you just look into those beautiful green eyes of him and you just loose your self in them and don't get me started on those dimples he was just perfect. After that we talked some more about random subjects, then i decided to take a nap after all I didn't sleep too much from all of the eximent.

well guys this is the first chapter hope you guys like it, i will be updating soon please comment so that i can see what you guys think thank you! :)


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