summer in London

charlotte wasn't the popular girl in school but she wasn't shy either.her best friend glorimar and her have been childhood friends, they did most of the things together, they took dance lessons together when they both were 6 years old, they worked in a ice cream shop togehter and sence they were seniors they were going to graduate together.. charlotte always wanted to go london and as a present for graduating and having good grades her mom and glorimar's mom bought them two tickets to spend the hole summer in london, hoping they would meet one direction. one day they wen't shoping and both of them bought a short summer dress. after shoping they decided to go for a walk in the park to take some fresh air.. what they didn't know is that they're life's were about to change when they bumped into one direction and harry notices charlotte.
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6. Girl time :)

After 10 minutes we got to the hotel, i texted Glori saying that i was here and on my way up to the room she replied and said okay. i gave harry a peck on the lips and left.

i got up into my room and Glori opened the door to me, i gave her a hug and went inside. so was is it you wanted to tell me i asked, well first of all i missed you and wanted to hang, second Niall asked me to be his girlfriend and third i slept with him.

i hugged her tight and said that i was really happy for her, don't be mad at me i said she gave confused look and said why what happened.

i told her that i saw her and Niall in her bed naked when they were sleeping because i got to the hotel in the morning. she quickly turned red and blushed, I'm not mad its not your fault.

we both laughed,i told her that tomorrow we where going to hang with Eleanor and the others girls so that we could meet them.

i also told that me and harry started dating, SHUT UP!!! she said. yes i said laughing at her reaction, chica que suerte tienes(it means girl you're so lucky) she said.

lose verdad(i know right), we agreed and i told her at what time we should be meeting them and she nodded. we talked some more and decided we should call our mom's to let them know everything that has happened over here.

Glori's P.O.V

I called my mom and after the third ring she answered.hello honey she said, hi mom i have good news what is it honey my mom said. don't freak out,you're scaring me what happened. i have a........boyfriend his name is Niall and he's in the band i talk to you about.

well honey solo ten cuidado por favor (just be careful please) i know mom i said. its beautiful and tomorrow Charlotte and i are going to meet up with the other girlfriends of the other boy's.

well ok honey i wont take anymore of your time have fun Te Amo (i love you) Te amo tambien (i love you too) bye.

Charlotte's P.O.V

I called my mom but she didn't pick up, then i got a call from her. hi mom i said,hi honey is something wrong no just wanted to let you know that everything was okay and one other thing remember that boy band that i talked to you about, you mean the one you stalked and talked about everyday yes i remember that boy band how can i forget them really, well what about them.

well i met them and i dating one of them. honey that's great just be safe and if anything happens you know I'm a phone call away ok.

yes mom i said in an annoyed kinda way but i know that she was saying it for my own good, anything else well tomorrow me and Glori are going out with the other girlfriends of the other boys and go shopping, oh and one last thing Glori is with Niall. ok honey and me and Glori's mom putted more money in your credit cards. thanks mom bye, bye honey have fun.

after that me and Glori decided to go to bed cause we were tired.

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