summer in London

charlotte wasn't the popular girl in school but she wasn't shy either.her best friend glorimar and her have been childhood friends, they did most of the things together, they took dance lessons together when they both were 6 years old, they worked in a ice cream shop togehter and sence they were seniors they were going to graduate together.. charlotte always wanted to go london and as a present for graduating and having good grades her mom and glorimar's mom bought them two tickets to spend the hole summer in london, hoping they would meet one direction. one day they wen't shoping and both of them bought a short summer dress. after shoping they decided to go for a walk in the park to take some fresh air.. what they didn't know is that they're life's were about to change when they bumped into one direction and harry notices charlotte.
first time doing this hope you guys like it, comment and like so i can see what you guys think thanks!;)


2. first day in London

i woke up by Glori who was telling me that we were about to land. so wake up went to the bathroom really quick and sat down again and right when i sat down the pilot said that we would be landing in 5 minutes, they put the seat belt sign on and everybody putted them on.

me and Glori turned our phones on and called our mom's to let them know that we were landing. after like two minutes we landed, we got our stuff and headed out of the airport which not to mention it was huge.

we looked  for a taxi and got one pretty quick we told him the directions to the hotel we were staying at, after 15 minutes we got there. the hotel was really big and it looked expensive. we headed to our room, we unpacked everything and that took us like 25 minutes after unpacking we decided to go to Starbucks to get some coffee and then head to the mall.

we got to the Starbucks and it was a 5 minute walk, i ordered a caramel frapuchino and Glori ordered a mocha, we headed out to the mall talking about what we would buy, we went to Forever 21 and i bought a short night dres, it was black and it was short in the front and long in the back i also bought 2 pair of boots, a pair of pink vans, a shirt that says hipter please and some high wasted baby blue short shorts. Glori bought two pair of retro sunglasses, a pair of black short shorts, a short strapless purple dress with some heels that matched.

after that we wen't to the park  to take some fresh air. we sat on a bench and started to talk about how much we'ved liked London so far, after like 20 minutes it was getting dark so we decided to head back to the hotel.

on our way to the hotel we were singing and dancing and doing goofy stuff. we started to sing Rock Me from One Direction on the top of our lungs, until we bumped into someone or should i say five guys, we couldn't see they're faces to well, then they came out of the dark and all i thought was, no it couldn't be. it was One Direction, we couldn't believe it, i mean it was really them.


Me and the lads were going to the club, so we decided to take the short cut crossing the park. we heard what it sounded to be two girls singing our song.

we all started to laugh, we couldn't see there faces to well cause it was dark then the next second we lost them. then out of nowhere we bumped into someone. it was a girl shorter than me with medium long wavy hair and i think the other one was her friend. i said sorry and when the girl looked up she was kinda shocked at seeing my face, it was kida funny.

she had this beautiful light brown eyes that sparkled in the moon light and not to metion her beautiful face too. she managed to say s-sorry and looked down and started to blush while her friend was giving niall dreamy eyes, it's okay love i say you're really beautiful. she said thanks and started to blush again.

i presented them to the lads but they seemend to know who we where. i asked for her name and she said Charlotte, i invited them to go to the club with us but sadly they said no because they were tired and it was they're first day in london.

it suprised me, so you're not from here they said no, where you from i asked and they both said Puerto Rico in they're accent's, which where really hot

. i said well thats to bad but if you wanti can give you guys a private tour of london. they agreed, me and charlotte exchanged numbers and her friend and Niall did the same we said our goodbyes and left.


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