'Silence! The whole class was speechless. For a minute I thought I had actually done something good. Something right. Something that no one would jeer at! I started to swell up with pride, I wish! Then the laughter started.'
As soon as Gina's life becomes enjoyable, it suddenly turns into nightmare! And it was all her fault! She did the worst thing anyone could do, and she'll never be able to go back in time and fix it! She suddenly finds herself in a world where nobody wants her, and life doesn't feel worth living. She no longer has anyone to talk to about her problems, and becomes all alone! But when the new girl arrives, will Gina be able to pick up the pieces, or will her life become even harder?


1. Preface

'Come on Amy! Lets cross here. There isn't much traffic.' I pleaded. She shrugged, and edged towards the road. 'Look, there's nothing coming, lets just cross! Please!' 

'If you're so desperate, then why don't you-' I elbowed her hard onto the road, but that's when I heard it. Nee naa nee naa nee naa nee naa. I looked across at Amy, alarmed! She stumbled, and tried to keep balanced but she was in the middle of he road by now! The ambulance was coming fast! I tried to reach out for her! I couldn't! A shadow loomed over her! She knew what was about to happen! She screamed my name! I screamed hers! Silence!


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