The Distant Shore

Ancient Greece stands on the verge of defeat at the hands of the Persian Empire. Written for the historical fiction contest.


2. War

The army was finally there. After so long, so very, very long, the army was finally there.

The army of immeasurable size, shadowed in perfect synchronicity by the navy of godlike strength, the Persian war machine descended upon the Greek world.

Already, the Greeks had sent a force to stop them. Seven thousand Greeks blocking a pass, with three hundred Spartans in command. Seven thousand. What a laughable force, when compared to the might of Persia. Thermopylae, the locals called the path.

The famed Athenian navy had not been idle, either. Two hundred ships had been sent to stop the unstoppable Persian sea-force, at a pass calle Artemisia. The Greeks had underestimated the Persian capabilities. It was of no matter; they'd soon learn of their mistake.

The Persian noble looked upon the army with a smile. Yes, it had been long, but they were finally there.

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