A Single Pink Balloon

A girl in her 20s sits alone under the same tree in the park each day. A guy has been watching her very cosely each and every day. Each day before she arrives he ties a single pink balloon to the tree trunk, wrapped in the string is a folded piece of paper. With each day that passes he watches on, placing a new balloon and a new piece of paper. I think he's trying to tell her something... Read on to find out.

This story was for the 'Spring Picture Prompt' competition. But i made it slightly yoo long, and missedthe closing date, so never did shortrn it. I only just found it again so thought i would publish it to see ehat people think of it x


1. That Girl In The Park

Some people may say that love is just a walk in the park. You can simply fall in love, but it's not easy if the one you have so desperartly fallen for doesn't even notice you. Jason Adams was in one of those situations. He loved a girl who didn't even know he was there. Jason has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. Those eyes had lpcked onto that one and only girl. His first ever true love. Cindy Fisher was beautiful young lady in her 20s.

She was always walking the park alone, sitting in the exact same spot each and every day for weeks now. She would always sit under the old oak tree. Her long blonde hair streaming over her shoulders and glistening as the sunlight hit it's surface. Her crystal blue eyes gleaming dreamily into the distance.

She would just sit there each day, watching the clouds moving across the sky, and the birds swoopiing close to the ground and landing in the old oak tree. Each day Jason would just sit on a bench near the pond, pearing round the bush beside him. He would look at her for ages. He watched her every day until the moment she got up to leave. He would then feed the ducks near the pond and them go to bed, his mind swimming with thuoghts, and his heart skipping a beat everytime he saw her in his dreams.

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