A Single Pink Balloon

A girl in her 20s sits alone under the same tree in the park each day. A guy has been watching her very cosely each and every day. Each day before she arrives he ties a single pink balloon to the tree trunk, wrapped in the string is a folded piece of paper. With each day that passes he watches on, placing a new balloon and a new piece of paper. I think he's trying to tell her something... Read on to find out.

This story was for the 'Spring Picture Prompt' competition. But i made it slightly yoo long, and missedthe closing date, so never did shortrn it. I only just found it again so thought i would publish it to see ehat people think of it x


4. Remember...

Jason sat on his bench, hidden behind the bush by the duck pond. He wriggled nervously, peeping throgh a gap in the hedge, waiting for Cindy to arrive. The ducks quacked noisily, which really wasn't settling his nerves. When Cindy finally did make an appearance Jason's heart lurched with the sudden shock of what he had to do any minute. As Cindy went to the tree, noticing the fact that there was no pink balloom or note today, Jason began to come out from behind the bush. His sense of security and safety now left behind him, as he strided down the field towards the old oak tree where Cindy stood. She did not notice him till she turned around. Her eyes went straight to the sky, where a dozen pink balloons bobbed around aggressivly banging into one another. As Jason walked ever closer, balloons held firmly in his left hand, his heart began to pound even faster. He was a nervous wreak when he finally reached her.

Rather than a smile or a "I remember you!" Cindy leapt at him pushing him away yelling "so your the creepy weirdo who has been spying on me for ages and giving me all these love letters are you?!" Jason nodded nervously and said "you don't understand" in protest to his inocence. Cindy agrily said "oh I think I do. Your just a creepy pervert in the park, who is interested in me because of my looks!" As Cindy pushed him again, a tear rolled down Jason's face. In shock he let go of the pink balloons. With his last opunce of desperation, and without thinking, he reached up and plucked one of the balloons that almost escaped his reach, along with the others. He slowly handed it to her and said soflty, his eyes drooping sadly. He said "here you go, I will leave. Just take this. I thought you would remember me. I guess I was wrong". Jason began to walk away as he wiped the tears away using his sleeve.

Cindy looked at the pink balloon and then back at the guy now walking away slowly in tears. She suddenly got a flashback from her childhood. She saw herself as a little girl, at the age of about seven, holdiing a pink balloon in one hand. She was at a fairground walking by herself. Tears in her eyes she was crying out "Mummy! Daddy! Where are you!?" She had lost her parents and nobody stopped to reasure her as the tears came falling down her face. A young boy with brown hair and dark brown eyes came over and said "don't worry, cheer up. I will help you find your parents". Along the way she let go of her balloon and it flew upwards, getting stuck in a tall tree. The little boy around her age said "don't worry. I will get it for you". He climbed the tree easily and got ahold of the pink balloon. He quickly climbed back down and slowly handed it to her with a smile saying "here you go". She sweetly said "thanks. What is your name?" The little boy said "Jason, and yours?" She quietly said "I'm Cindy". The little boy said with a smile "that's a lovely name. Do you want to be my friend?" She nodded enthusiastically saying "oh yes please!"

Cindy reemmbered after the fairground as well. She remembered everything. The fact that they became the best of friends back in her childhood. She lost contact with him when she had to move house with her family, as she was too young back then to stay there alone. She was only ten when she finally had to leave her boyfriend behind. Cindy couldn't beleive she had forgotten her first ever proper friend. "Jason wait!" Cindy yelled after him. He stopped dead in his tracks, looking back at her. "I remember everything! I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me?" Jason stood on the spot and said "of course I can, I have never loved any other girl when you left. You were my first, my only". Cindy looked at Jason for a moment. He stood before her as if it were all a dream. Cindy ran happily towards him, leaping into his arms, falling into a hug as he spun her round, lifting her off of the ground. Jason pushed her away, holding onto her shoulders while looking into her eyes saying seriously  "my life wouldn't have been worth lving if you had of let me walk away like that". Cindy smiled sweetly as she stepped away  holding her hand out to him. He took her hand in his as she said softly "never again will I leave you". They left the park side by side, and hand in hand.

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