A Single Pink Balloon

A girl in her 20s sits alone under the same tree in the park each day. A guy has been watching her very cosely each and every day. Each day before she arrives he ties a single pink balloon to the tree trunk, wrapped in the string is a folded piece of paper. With each day that passes he watches on, placing a new balloon and a new piece of paper. I think he's trying to tell her something... Read on to find out.

This story was for the 'Spring Picture Prompt' competition. But i made it slightly yoo long, and missedthe closing date, so never did shortrn it. I only just found it again so thought i would publish it to see ehat people think of it x


3. Notes Addressed To Cindy

The very next day Jason walked past the corner shop towards the park once more. He bought another single pink balloon. He had prepared another note last night. When he got to the park he put the pink balloon into position and once again legged it for cover as he realized Cindy had entered the park as she came from a distance. He hid by the bench and watched her longingly. When Cindy reached the tree she instantly looked at the pink balloon, still lively as ever. She thoght to herself 'surly the helium in that thing should have evaperated a bit over night'. Yet the pnik balloon stood firm, just as brand new looking as the one she saw yesturday. She excitedly went over to see if there was a second note today. When there was she quickly snatched it up, eager to find out if there was clue to the one she got yesturday. It said 'Your hair is as beautiful as I remember it, and your eyes are just as dazzling' Cindy said aloud "complements today, yet still no clue to who this mystery guy is". Cindy left the park immediatly after pocketing the second note. She couldn't wait to work out more if there was a note tommorow.

Cindy smiled as she saw a new pink balloon blowing around on it's string. She went straight for the note, opening it with great speed. Today it said 'I know you want to know who I am, but you will remember me soon enuogh. All you need to know is the fact that I know you'. Cindy lookec shocked as she remembered how she had said out loud about wanting to know who the mystery guy was. She thought nervously 'maybe he is here, watching me now. He can propbably hear everything I'm saying'. She looked around but could see nobiody. She was alone in the park as alays. By now Jason was ducking for cover behind the bush beside the bench he always hid by. Pocketing the note she thought who it could be the whole walk home. But no matter how hard she wondered away., she still had no idea who it could possibly be.

The forth note had to be auite sweet. It expressed the guys feeling for Cindy. It said 'I have loved you for a very long time. I have remembered you, and it hurts... the fact that you cannot remember me. As I said before, you will remember soon enough. Love from... Well that's for you tor remember, or eventually find out'. Cindy tried desperatly to think of who it could possibly be, but no names came to her. She had apsolutly no idea who was doing this for her. She so urgently wanted to find out though. So she took the note and ran home to think in her bed till tommorow came around.

On the fifth day the note was written like a sought of poem. It said 'your love is like a dove on the wing, you carry me home on a soft wing beat. When I fall down, thinking of you pulls me back to my feet. I love you with all my heart, and this is just the start. My heart beats for you, just wish you knew it was true. Soon my sweet Cindy, soon'. Cindy frustrated by now shouted aloud "but when!?" She walked crossly home that day.

The sixth day was the shortest note yet. Only a single word spread lagly across the piece of folded up paper. It simply said 'Tommorow' with a few kisses, a heart, and a smiley face. Cindy went home that day excited, but also a little worried about what tommorow might bring. She found it very hard to sleep that night as her head swam with questions and thoughts that needed to be answered. She was to exciterd to sleep and when she finally did go to sleep it was with a cheeky smile spread across her face.

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