A Single Pink Balloon

A girl in her 20s sits alone under the same tree in the park each day. A guy has been watching her very cosely each and every day. Each day before she arrives he ties a single pink balloon to the tree trunk, wrapped in the string is a folded piece of paper. With each day that passes he watches on, placing a new balloon and a new piece of paper. I think he's trying to tell her something... Read on to find out.

This story was for the 'Spring Picture Prompt' competition. But i made it slightly yoo long, and missedthe closing date, so never did shortrn it. I only just found it again so thought i would publish it to see ehat people think of it x


2. A Single Pink Balloon

One day Jason stopped to look in the corner shop window, just before he got to the park. A load of helium fiilled pink balloons caught his eye. He bought one single balloon and headed towards the park. He got there as always before she had arrived. Jason ran nervously towards the old oak tree. He stood beside the tall tree trunk, all wrinkled and old. It's huge branchs and dark green leaves sprouting overhead. He quickly tied the balloon he had bought from the shop around the trunk of the old oak tree. He got out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, folding it up as neatly as he could. He quickly scribbled the 'Cindy' on the top of the paper. He slipped the piece of folded up paper behind the string so it pushed against the tree trunk and stayed there in sight, so the name was on show. Jason then ran over to his hiding spot as he spyed for Cindy to come along.

Soon enough as always, Cindy casually strolled towards her favourite spot in the park. She did not notice the pink ballooon until after she had sat down for a few minutes. She was watching a bird swooping down to the ground, it's belly scraping on the grass as it went. As it pulled up she watched it fly into the old oak tree to nest. As Cindy's eyes trailed down the long tree trunk she eventually spotted the glimpse of pink near the bottom of the tree, bobbing arond against the jagged wood of the old tree trunk. She flicked her eyes back to the pink spot to realize it was a single pink balloon. She got up and went towards the balloon to inspect it curiously.

Almost instantly she spotted the little white piece of paper behind the strings, against the tree trunk. She looked at it closely to realize as she backed off with shock that the piece of paper was addressed to her. "It says Cindy on the paper, well that's my name! There can't be another Cindy it's refuring to.... can there?" Cindy shuddered nervously as she reapproached the piece of paper, slowly lifting it out from the strings of the pink balloon. She carfully unfolded the piece of paper after recheaking the name on the top. She opened it up to see a single short sentance. 'Someone still loves you'. Cindy shook her head looking blankly at the piece of paper with a puzzled expression on her face. She pocketed the piece of paper and left the park, leaving the pink balloon, riding solo in the breeze.

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