Look a Likes & Act a Likes

Ever since Austin and Ally broke up they've been acting like Dez and Trish will they ever be a team again Trish and Dez send out a look a like contest


2. You! And Yo!

In the practice 

Ally: Austin remember when you said you wouldn't let anyone hurt me

Austin: yes why who hurt you

Ally: you! 

She runs out of the room 

Austin; Ally! Come back! 

He runs out of the room 

goes to the food court 

Austin sees Ally crying on the bench 

Austin: Ally..... 

Ally: go away! 

Austin: no! 

Ally: why are you here?

Austin: how did I hurt you 

Ally: you called me a ... Slut 

Austin: Ally I didn't mean it 

Ally: Austin I know you care now but once I'm okay again you'll call me it again 

Austin: no I won't

Ally: I'm sorry Austin but I don't believe you 

She leaves 

Austin: she doesn't trust me

Adam: oh I know 

Austin: Adam how long have you been there

Adam: a while and you and her need work out your problems

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