Look a Likes & Act a Likes

Ever since Austin and Ally broke up they've been acting like Dez and Trish will they ever be a team again Trish and Dez send out a look a like contest


1. Why? & Weenies

Adam, Dez, and Trish walk in to sonic boom 

Austin: you are such an Idiot 

Ally: I can't believe I dated you! 

Austin: me either! 

Trish: what's wrong with you two 

Ally: he's a jerk 

Austin: she's an idiot 

Ally: I'm smarter than you! 

Adam: okay! Everybody needs to calm down 

Ally: we are calm! 

Adam: no your not you two are acting like Dez and Trish 

Dez: what's that supposed to mean

Ally: we are not acting like Dez and Trish 

Austin: he's right I've never said any thing mean to you before 

Ally: your right 

Austin: why are we acting like this 

Ally: probably cause we broke up 

Austin: I'm sorry Idiot 

Ally: it's okay jerk 

Austin: I'm not a jerk 

Ally: shut up moon 

Trish: oh god

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