Look a Likes & Act a Likes

Ever since Austin and Ally broke up they've been acting like Dez and Trish will they ever be a team again Trish and Dez send out a look a like contest


3. Sorry & Suckers

In the practice room 

Austin: Ally I'm sorry 

Ally: I know you are 

Austin: do you forgive me 

Ally: if we both promise never to say mean things to each other 

Austin: promise 

Ally: I forgive you 

they hug 

Goes to sonic boom

Adam: Dez Trish what are you doing 

Trish: sending out an Ally and Austin look a like contest 

Adam: why? 

Trish: just in case they don't make up 

Adam: actually lets see if they did 

Dez: Austin! Ally! 

Austin; writing a song! 

Dez: so your not fighting any more! 

Austin: no! 

Dez: k! 

Adam: did you find any one Trish 

Trish: yeah two perfect people 

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