Secrets In The Wind

Have you ever heard whispering while no one was around? While you were alone? Well, your not alone. Never alone. Read how Emily Goes on an adventure trying to find out who killed her little sister and why. She will encounter many obstacles holding her back. Will she ever know the secret voices? Or will she always be alone...


1. Jazmine

                      You know how you hear whispering on a dark night? Or your dead family and friends talking to you? I know you make yourself believe that its all in your head, but its not. Its real. I know I've told lies before, but haven't we all? And besides, this time I'm telling the truth. Its not my imagination, and its not your imagination. the dead DO talk to us. And sometimes, we talk to them...

                      It was late one night when i heard a bang on my front door. Me and my little sister Jazmine were home alone when my parents were at a party. I heard another loud bang. i realized that we were in trouble. So, i grabbed Jazmine and hid her under my bed while i got my phone. I started dialing, 9-1-1. But before i could hit the call button, my phone died. I got under the bed with Jazmine when i heard the front door fly open. I thought that if we stayed quiet then the others wouldn't be able to hear us. Well, I was wrong. Footsteps started climbing up the stairs. Right foot, left foot. Right, left. It was the when I started hearing the whispers. At first it was quiet. Then it got louder. And louder. And LOUDER. I could hear the voices clearly. Saying, "Don't worry. Your going to be fine". The voices were screaming in my ear. I couldn't stand it. So, i screamed. I screamed so loud that Jazmine started crying. The whispers had just killed us. Not literally, but they were the reason we would die. Just then, i saw a note on the ground. I read it aloud.

                                                                     Dear Emily and Jazmine,

        I know you must be scared right now, but trust me, it will be o.k. This was all planned out. You know, the break in. This was the only way to protect you. And Emily, I hope you are not reading this out loud, but you wont see Jazmine for a while. In fact, in 15 years. I'm sorry but it just has to be this way. The man who is breaking in right now is your uncle. Not uncle Jerry, but an uncle you dont know. If you follow his directions, Jazmine won't get hurt. But if you dont, you wont be able to see her ever again. I miss you, and i will love you forever.

                                                                                              Love, Mom

                          I still wish I didn't read the letter out loud. Well, that was then and this is now. I didn't obey the letter and I fought back at my "Uncle". My sister was killed right there and then. Right in front of me. She was shot in the head. Just for a simple mistake. Do you wanna know what the mistake was? I DIDN'T SAY "YES SIR" WHEN HE ASKED ME A QUESTION!!!! Just a little mistake. A stupid mistake. Jazmine was gone forever. And I wasn't able to say goodbye.


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