The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


1. Teacher Trouble

"Come on, we'll be late!" Glen cried diving out of the car then slaming the door behind her."Yes I know, and if we are late then we wont get to go to Whitby" Dani sighed as she scrambled to her feet, "That must have been the 5th time you've said that now!"


A coach with the logo of 'Yorkshire Travel' pulled up along side the entrance to Bromswell Primary and to welcome it a large huddle of children dragged their suitcases onto the path just so they could wave at the driver. "See, I told you we would be late!" Glen replied slyly. Glen and Dani dashed towards the back of the group so they didn't have to listen to one of their teachers giving them a talk about how to tell the time or how to avoid getting up late (everyones heard that before... or is that just me?) but they were startled by a loud roar from their teacher, "Miss Mires and Miss Woolcott, what time do you call this?", this voice belonged to Dani's form tutor and the meanest teacher in school, Mr Parker. "8 o'clock Sir" they replied weakly, Glen still staring at Dani. "And what time did I say for you to be here?" Mr Parker boomed    "Quarter to eight Sir, were sorry Sir, I couldn't find my torch" Dani whimpered, "Why do you need a torch? ... well you're here now so you can join the others, Glen you're in my group and Dani you're in Miss Youngs group, ok? Off you go then!" He chanted back not showing any sign of smiling. Dani walk to the other end of Mr Parker's group to find Miss Young beaming at her, "Come on Danielle, were getting on board now!". The queue of children started marching towards the coach. Mr Parker sat on the front seat with the pupils who were most likely to be travelsick and Miss Young at the back so that the boys who were known for starting riots and fights wouldn't misbehave. Glen and Dani sat near Miss Young, Dani by the window. Suddenly the coach gave a grumble and the boys gave a cheer and the coach started to roll along the city road. At that point Dani felt to tired to keep her eyes open so she pulled back her seat and fell asleep...

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