The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


7. Stakes and garlic

An hour past and it was time for Miss Youngs group to go to the ruins. They had a new guide this time, (much to the dismay of the boys) his name was John and he claimed to be from the 'Stakes and Garlic Vampire Society' so he wasent really a guide. He told them they had 1 hour in the ruins, no teachers, just them pupils and John and his society. They would try and scare the pupils and everytime you get scared you get a point and the person with the least points wins a amazing prize.


When they got to the ruins, it was silent, deserted, lifeless... it seemed the perfect place for a bloodsucking vampire to live but maybe a bit too quiet... "Right everyone, everything is set so 3, 2, 1 GO!" John exclaimed. At that moment everyone ran into the ruins shouting to their mates or screaming with joy... well nearly everyone, Dani took one more look at the grey stoned facared which dominated the skyline but then eventually followed the others into the ruins.


Dani spotted a figure in the distance and ran towards it only to find Frenchie in front of her, "Hi Dani, come to join me?" she called as she ran, "Might as well" Dani exclaimed out of breath from the very start. They ran deeper and deeper into the dark neverending tunnel until Dani found she was alone "Frenchie?" Dani called, her echo ripped through the silence of the ruins, the tunnel was pitch black, nothing could be seen apart from the odd dim light from a flickering old light that was covered in dust and cobwebs, was this part of the game or was it just a light? Who knows?


Further on into the ruins and Dani found a man with a long flowing cape facing two of her classmates, Peter and Georgia, the man seemed to be growling at them, snarling even, wildly... Dani thought that it could be John and his society dressed up as a vampire but she played along with the storyline as she found something small on the ground (Garlic) "Go away... you, you bully, no one wants your horrible fangs in their necks so stick your fangs where YOUR neck is for once ok?" She chanted. The man walk closer to her so she needed action, fast action. She picked up the small bundle of garlic and threw it at the man. He started burning like he was on fire but he wasn't. Dani realised this was a real situation and had to do something fast, she was scanning the room when she saw a sharpened stick one the wall, she look closely and it was a old decorated stake. "Take that!" She cried as she pushed the stake into the heart of the panicking vampire and he instantly turned to a sliver powder. "Thank you Dani, thank you... he wasn't a real vampire was he?" Georgia replied bouncing on the spot. "I dont know" Dani whispered as she walked off leaving the two of them alone once more with nothing but themselves for company.

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