The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


9. Precious Prizes

"Right everyone, we have chosen a winner, this person showed courage, understanding and a thirst for the prize so the winner is Dani Woolcott!" John announced beaming with a smile that Mr Parker could never produce. Everyone turned round to find that Dani was siting on a bench so they all clapped her apart from Peter sulking in the corner. "Now for the prize, the prize is a 2 day trip on 'The Whitby Cruiser'" He chanted "Really? Wow!" Dani laughed.


The next morning everyone was asleep but Dani was awake and thinking about her boat trip and thought about the vampire and if he really was a vampire. Then she forgot what she was thinking about and got up...

"Hey Jenny, Jenny wake up sleepyhead! its the big day, well big day for me but all the same and I heard you've got free time today, just you and the shops so come one!" Dani cried as she showered Jenny with her lumpy pillows and duvets. "ok, I'm getting up see! Please no more pillows, its flattening my hair!" Jenny moaned


The time came for Dani to board 'The Whitby Cruiser'. She tumbled into the cruise liner from 'Majesty Harbour' while everyone smiled and waved her goodbye with banners and flags from the safety of the pier. Well everyone apart form Peter and Owen, just standing there with no expression apart from the odd stare at Dani but she just smiled and waved back. The boats engine came to life like a large crowd of football supporters celebrating a title winning goal... well you know what I mean, the boys do anyway! As soon as the engine started, the large ship started to move slowly along the ocean into the sunset.



Sequel coming soon.

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