The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


3. Morning blues

It was a sunny morning and with a flutter of her eyelashes Dani was awake and soon the others awoke too but unlike her they were moaning and groaning and generally making a fuss of themselves as girls usually do. Dani had the bed nearest to the window and could see the sand dunes of the beach disappearing under the misty waves of East View Beach. "Come on D, we'll miss breakfast!" Jenny (a girl in her room) cried piling her hair into a style that looks like one of the mountainous wigs off Hairspray the musical. Jenny realised Dani was ignoring her so she took action and throw one of the hard pillows at her, "Ow! Ok, ok im coming and my name isn't D, its Dani!" Dani replied rubbing her head.


breakfast was hectic as the microwave had apparently broken but it only needed to be plugged in, someboby had booby trapped the cuboard and Miss Young ended up getting covered in flour and rotten eggs. Dani didn't care about breakfast, she just sat on one of the lumpy old bean bags in the corner gazing at her new phones blank screen, her Dad bought her this as a birthday present but she thinks its more of a 'sorry I couldn't go to your birthday' present. This is because her father is away in Syria, helping the helpless and taking action when he really needs to but he did send a card and the phone but she didn't want the phone... she wanted him. "Dani? are you ok?" Miss Young said softly as she spotted her in the corner "Yeh, fine" She replied still gazing and rubbing her phone. "Well you dont look it and anyway, holidays are for fun not for sitting around with a grump on, eh? Um, here take this" Miss Young pull out a large stick of sticky liquorish, the sort of thing she gave to the new kids who felt upset. "No thank you Miss, Im fine like I said" Dani replied picking up her phone, leaving the liquirish stuck to the old beanbag, and walked towards her friends. Miss Young, seeing as Dani had walked off, tried to pick the sticky sweet off the beanbag but it ws no use, it just made it worst

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