The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


2. Hotels

A large bump awoke Dani in surprise but she managed to say "So were here then?", "No, not yet anyway," Glen replied wistfully looking out the window "We've got to the toliet break, in Scarborough apparently, you know im not good at Geography but I just guessed from that sign over there." Destiny closed her eyes once again and whispered "Everyone knows that, not just me...".


The screeching tyres and the children of the bus cheering woke Dani yet again but this time she was awake properly, "Finally were here! Wow look at the hotel, the teachers have style" Glen was gazing into space yet again but then descided to say something "Really are you sure? You have seen Mr Parker's tweed jumpers and I mean tweed, he's got even worse fashion sense then you!" Dani in reply to this, she started to stare at her large purple gothic boots and her black leather jacket. "Hey! It's not that bad... is it?" Glen just giggled and rolled her eyes sarcasticaly. The coach pulled up along side a large old building painted a creamy white colour; the gates were painted the same colour and had a picture of East View Beach on it. (Thats how the hotel got its name; East View Hotel and B&B). It looked like one of those buildings on TV that was part of a restoration program. At that moment Mr Parker started to order kids around at the front making sure that no one left anything behind.


Everyone was led into the lounge and sat down with their suitcases and bags in their hands. "Ok, this is how its going to work, Miss Young's group will go to East View Beach in the morning and the ruins in the afternoon where as my group will go on the cliff-top walk and the Whitby town centre beach in the evening ok? But before you ask any questions we will come round and tell you which rooms you will be in and where in the building you can go." Mr Parker said without breathing and he atually smiled, well it was a sly smile but a smile nevertheless. Glen was to be in Room 11 and Dani in Room 13 and they wern't happy about it!


An hour later it was time for bed and the girls took it in turns to use the bathroom. It was difficult do this because girls need their make-up and their hair needs to be perfect etc and there was only one bathroom and 32 girls on the seconed floor so it was a tight squeeze as you can imagine. Dani had managed to get in there early and was now in bed. The beds were very uncomfortable and felt like you were laying on a straw bed so Dani was rolling to and fro trying to get the best possible place for sleeping and gradually bored himself to sleep.

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