The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


8. Horrific Hair

Meanwhile on the other side of the ruins Fenchie was seaching for a way out sign when she heard something snap, something like a twig, she looked around no sign of light nothing on the floor so she looked up and a large rusty bucket filled to the brim of slime was hanging their. her scream travelled all the way through the ruins and out the other side when the contents of the bucket was released catapulting down onto her short blonde hair turning it into a green colour that looked rather like something you would sick up. Dani heard this but carried on walking as she wanted to see what other surprises might be waiting for her but before she could the deafening horn sounded and reminded everyone that the hour was up. Everyonewas outside ready, the boys boasting about how they wern't scared and Peter, the cheek of it! Saying he wasn't scared, he too was boasting, he's just plain selfish. The girls gossiping about how sticky and horrible Frenchie's golden hair was now.

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