The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


6. Gossip talk

Everyone had finished their fish and chips well, the girls did anyway and started to walk back to the hotel to write up their school journals. Dani had to walk with Owen Barr which neither of them liked as Owen talked too much but it was not likely he would speak today as he was too intrested with Kelly.


When they finally got back to the hotel. Mr Parker's group was already there, so Miss Young's group gave them the signal to go to their dorms and join the others. Dani walked slowly behind the groups of girls and boys as this was the part of the school trip that everyone hated. Jenny and the other girls Mya and Rosalina were already there, "Hey D, oops I said it again, sorry!" Jenny called, "Hey..." Dani whispered before diving onto her bed by the window.


A couple minutes later all the girls were busy writing their journal in silence but Rosalina disrupted this by shouting "How do spell stake?", "There are two types of stake and anyway what are you writing about?" Dani replied casually.

"i mean the type of stake you use on a vampire and I was on the beach when I saw an advertisment balloon with a vampire with a stake through its heart on it. The films called 'Twilight', it looks good so I might go see it." she told Dani.                                        "Um ok, it's S.T.A.K.E, stake. By the way you do realise that 'Twilight' has been out for ages and this is proberly the last movie and plus its a 15+ and you're only 12, do you really think the ticket person is going to let you past?" Dani said trying not to say anything nasty. "Oh well, thanks anyway." Roselina replied while turning back into her natural position facing the door.

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