The Real World

A school trip can can easily go wrong so will this be the dream holiday or will this be a terrible, terrible nightmare? ...


4. Glorious Guides

After breakfast, everyone was outside with their bags and waiting for their teachers and guides. Eventually Miss Young appeared with a young woman and she introduced herself as Kelly, Kelly Marshall. As usually the boys started to gawp at her long wavy hair, light blue eyes and ruby red lips. A girl called Frenchie stood in front of Jenny and Dani and started muttering "Who does she think she is? A catwalk model? Pah!" Jenny replied with "yeh well, she might not be a catwalk model but she is our guide and if she hears about the rumours you have spread about her, she'll totally flip and we won't be able to go to the ruins or the beach, or anything else in fact!" Dani just look at the two snappy girls and cried "Did you even breath when you said that?"


Kelly took the group around the village before marching them to the beach and as they were about to run around on the sand and have fun, Miss Young had to make her point of what they can and cant do, "Ok everyone, this is East View Beach, the largest beach in Yorkshire but before you go wild we need to go through the health and safety rules, ok?" A massive groan was let out by the gathering and even kelly sighed and pulled a dainty pink nail file  out off her shimmering 'Lipsy' bag.

Of course you dont want to here the speech of the century so I'll skip to the next part, ok?


They ran onto the beach and scattered in all directions. Dani ran to the stairs that led up to the pier and ran to the end of the pier.  Finally she reached the end past the torists and arcades, just by herself. She closed her eyes and spread her her arms out, her black wavy hair flowing behind her. She was on the Titanic, her name was Rose and she was spending her last few momennts with her loved one before the ship sank below the murky depths below... "Hey! Hey Dani, cant you read the sign? It says wet..." Jenny called from the arcade, Dani turned round to face Jenny without realising that her new coat was now covered in wet, blue paint, "paint" Jenny whispered trying to hold in her giggles. Dani look down and saw her leather coat was now in infected with blue paint stripes from the bars of the pier. "No! I'm going to look like a right div when I get back to the group!" Dani cried horrified that her new coat was now covered in permanent paint.


Dani and jenny made it back to the group and it seems that nobody was bothered about her blue stripes. Plus it seems that they were late again, well, Dani was anyway. But Miss Young was one of those teachers that wouldn't notice you doing anything and if they don't give you a punishment like the strict army soldier Mr Parker.

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