My Summer Love

Katie is an average girl who's best friend happens to be Olly Murs when Olly introduces her to One Direction two of the members fall for her but unaware that Olly has also liked her for a while now, what will she do, and who will she choose?


1. The Party

Katie P.O.V

It was the 14th of May and I was at this fancy club somewhere in London, I wouldn't usually be out at a club partying but seeming as it was my best friend and also international star Olly Murs birthday party I was obliged to be here. It was hard being his best friend because the media always assumed we were dating but we weren't buy we did have a pact that if by the time he was 40 and I was 30 neither if us were married we'd get married, cheesy I know but hey it's Olly Murs why would I say no to that. We were greeting people as they came in there was so many different famous faces from Robbie Williams to Tom Daley I felt very starstruck. Olly went and said something to Mark and Sarah and then came back grabbed my hand and dragged me to a quieter part of the club, I turned round and saw Mark and Sarah take our place greeting people. 

"Olly, what are you doing?" I giggled. 

He just smiled "right you've got to promise me you won't freak out to much okay?" 

"Olly what are you going on abo-"

"One Direction are coming tonight" I couldn't help but fangirl jumping up and down screaming. I saw him put his fingers in his ears. I stopped screaming and he took his fingers out his ears. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tight.

"Olly you're the bestest friend ever, you know I've loved them for so long!"

"I k ow that's why I kept it a secret. Harry and Niall are especially looking forward to finally meeting you"


Olly P.O.V
I don't really know why I'm doing this, setting her up with them. What normal person sets the woman he's loved for the past year up with two guys like that! I'm never going to get her now, but I just want her to be happy.

"They'll be here in about 10 minutes, make sure you look perfect for them, not that you don't always look perfect" I could see her blushing.

"You really are the best friend ever! I love you so much" she said with so much excitement in her voice.

"Aw I love you too" I said but I knew she meant it different to how I did. I sigh and dragged her back to greeting people we both had big smiles on, although mine was fake.

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